I’m The Kinda Girl Who…{you should get to know}

So I came across this really amazingly fun LinkUp called “I’m The Kinda Girl Who…” while scrolling through the Blogs I stalk follow through Bloglovin.  It is hosted by Holly from Hey, Hollywood and I think it is the best thing ever!  So, enough chatting from me and let’s get to the part where you find out that

I’m The Kinda Girl Who…

2012-08-03 21.13.48

♥tends to do a lot of duck faces or kissie pouts in my selfies.  it’s not intentional it just kinda happens. i guess i’m trying to send out a bit of love?

♥will watch en entire season (or 4) of a show that I find randomly on Netflix or whatever online stream site I have found this week.  I can’t help it.  If I like I want more…more…more.

♥eats as if food is going out of style.  no seriously I. Love. To. Eat. PERIOD.  I have no worries about if a girl should eat ‘like that’ if it’s good and I want some I want a lot.  sorry not sorry.

♥drinks way to much soda.  i know it and well i honestly don’t care.  i love my fizzy drinks and they love me.

♥plans things down to the last moment.  i try to consider every possible outcome and scenario to have a back up for each one.  this can be ummm time consuming and bit annoying to my spontaneous Hubby but hey…it’s me.

♥can’t shop alone.  i try i do. i will hover over a rack or item for 15-20 minutes debating if i should make the leap to the register. is this in style? does it look good? am i getting my money’s worth? i usually end up snapping a pic and sending it to Hubby (he’s my best shopping buddy) or going home and dragging him back with me.

♥will stop reading for 6 months then read 12 books in less than 2 weeks.  i dunno.  i have phases.

♥has kept a journal since 4th grade and often goes back to see what i was thinking ‘way back then’.

♥checks everyone else’s grammar, punctuation, etc.  like right now i am dying inside with every keystroke because i am not using capital letters. but hey, YOLO right?  LOL

♥has a bad habit (yes i know it’s bad) of cutting people off when they talk because i’m so scared i may loose my thought by the time they finish theirs. i promise i’m trying to do better.

♥loves going for a nice country road ride with the Hubby on his motorcycle. it’s so calming and even though i get scared of the speed at times it’s still the good kinda scare.  an adrenaline rush.

♥is a tomboy on the inside with a pretty girlie coating on the outside.  who can’t love something with a bit of pink and sparkle and a great crunchy filling?

♥blushes a bit every time one of my 17 year old son’s friends thinks i’m his sister instead of his mom. i wonder how long before they stop?

♥tends to love hard and long.  if i love you i’m in it for the good and bad.  but if you cross me or abuse me…well….i’m too nice to be mean but i won’t be a doormat either.

♥uses sarcasm as my second language.  it can be hard at times because i think i may need to travel with an interpreter 😉

♥has a really nerdy sense of humor. i have a movie or song reference for any and every situation.  i will insert a song lyric with no thought to if anyone else will get it or not.

♥i love socks.  like seriously it’s an issue.  i only have two feet. right now my current obsession is with the long knee socks.  they’re awesome! i even mix-match them at times 😀

♥watches and purses.  they kinda have a hold on me.  Hubby says i am taking over every closet.  i think that means i need one just for them, don’t you?

How much fun was this?  I am so excited and happy that I stumbled across it and can’t wait for the next one…maybe you can join in too!



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