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Earlier this month I had the amazing opportunity to become a part of history The Listen To Your Mother Show Grand Finale Season! Since our show is done and in the record books I now have the chance to share my piece with each of you. I’m No Supermom was something I wrote specifically for Listen To Your Mother. I wanted to reach back to my love for poetry and the spoken word. Since it was written to be spoken I am including a video clip of myself reading it as it was read the night of our show. Thank you in advance for listening and reading!


I’m No Supermom

I had my first son when I was 17. A girl who barely finished childhood taking on a motherhood routine.


It wasn’t ideal. It wasn’t in my plans but it was meant to be. My son was the person destined to help me become the woman who is now me.


I grew up with him learning messing up and making up as I went. Some days failing to realize this moment in my life was heaven sent.


College was a must so I finished that. Work was not an option so I did that too. All as I tried to be the mom I’d never even knew.


I missed my freedom the childhood I left behind. I had ups and downs when I forgot to keep him in mind.


I’d recover. Try to fix what I’d broken. I’d say no when I had to and say yes a bit too often.


Still I did it. For years I did my best all while looking and comparing myself to the rest.


You know the ones. Those other moms. The super ones. Those who had it all together. The all elusive Supermom who always did me one better.


They stared as I stood alone just my son and I. I heard the whispers the rumors – “she’s awful young but she still tries”.


Try I did. Everyday. Determined to prove to someone – everyone – my one that no matter what my start I could be a good mom in every way.


Who were these Supermoms? Where did they live? How did they learn the skills to keep the lives they lived?


I didn’t know then so when they talked and looked my way I simply smiled and thought “maybe another day”.


When I did look back it was mostly at a glance. Hoping to catch a glimpse of how they kept that stance.


The one of confidence courage and strength. The one I didn’t realize I’d even earned yet.


I hadn’t gotten to where I knew that even though my story wasn’t like the rest. I didn’t really need to pass a Supermom test.


In his eyes my kid’s eyes I was already there. My cape was all shiny flowing in full flare.


Maybe not super but mom just the same. I didn’t need any special hero names.


I saw it one day as I felt down inside he smiled up at me and said “mom don’t cry”.


How did he know? The fear that I owned that somehow the mom I am was too like the mom I’d known.


He didn’t know that but he did know this: The mom that he knew was better than this.


I didn’t need to be Supermom or the one with it all right. As long as I always kept his good close in my sight.


I hadn’t had the baby make 3. You know the line. That story wasn’t ours. Instead it was school then work then repeat every few hours.


It was just him and me. I made it work. I pushed through. Always telling him “I’ll never leave you”.


Why say that you ask? What an odd phrase. Well I’d been left and I knew it wasn’t just a phase. That ache to be the person you feel you lost can send some moms far away – no matter what the cost.


So to my son each and everyday that was the promise I made. “I’ll never leave you”. No I won’t. Because what she did to me my heart simply says don’t.


Then I found love. The real kind. The lasting kind. I married and we combined our family into one. We made our team him and I. The kind that could stand the test of time.


3 kids at first plus 2 parents. 2 whole parents together at the same time. All I ever wanted but never thought could be mine.


We give it all to them now. Our kids all three. They get the life we missed. The hugs the time that last good night kiss.


We love hard we love long telling them we’ll always stay . Since no matter what we’ll never walk away.


Then came kiddie number 4. A girl. She was the first. We spoil her and love her until we nearly burst.


There were times of struggle and times of lack and but my Hubby wanted more than that he never wanted to go back. He joined the Army to be certain our family would never lack.


I left my job my whole career path to stay with our kids and be the mom we never had. I did all the mom stuff the activities and yes, even the math!


I cleaned and cooked – though the latter was not my fave. We made moments into memories nurturing the love we gave.


In time we added 2 more to our team – to our crew. 6 kiddies 2 parents is how our family grew.


The years have changed how I look at things. I’m no longer that girl afraid of what life may bring.


I’m a woman now a wife a mom and I’ve earned those roles even if it wasn’t by the norm.


I’m the mom they need the mom I’ll be and above all else I’m still me.


So that’s it my story in verses not so few. I’m No Supermom but what I am I am and that will do.



Thank You for watching and/or reading this piece which is so close to my heart as a Mother. This experience of being a part of such an amazing history of women sharing and telling their stories through words in The Listen To Your Mother Show is one I will always treasure!

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