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I’m not that mom. You know the one who has a notebook full of lunch design ideas with fruits sides snacks and themes. Yeah. I’m not that mom.


I’m not that mom. The one who can sit down and make her kids entire wardrobe including Halloween, Christmas and ‘just because’ costumes. Yeah. I’m not that mom.


I’m not that mom. The totally fit one who exercises daily and still finds time to decorate, clean and cook. Yeah. I’m not that mom.


I’m not that mom. The one who has meal plans for the next month and a freezer full of frozen meals for the month after that. Yeah. I’m not that mom.

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Nope. I’m none of the above. I’m the mom who tried to give her kindergartner a fun Mickey shaped PB&J shaped lunch. His response:


Yeah. I dunno why you got all fancy. I just eat it and it goes in my tummy. It’s not that serious.


Aaah from the mouths of babes! Now don’t get me wrong. I have nothing but admiration for the mom’s who can create an entire lunchbox based on their kid’s favorite fairy tale. The thing is. That’s not me. The other thing: that’s okay. Thanks to my Buddie I know that now.


He’s happy with a sandwich. A plain ol’ 2 slices of bread PB on one side Jelly on the other sandwich. He didn’t need me to get fancy and didn’t even get why I tried it. Truth be told I’m not sure why either.


I guess deep down I kinda wanna be that mom. Not because I’m any less than her but just because she seems to be so darn popular lately. Everywhere I look there are the creative, crafty, handy and super mom’s who seem to be talented at everything. Pins, Videos, Posts – they do it all so well. Yet that’s not me.


I’m more of a get it done however I need to kinda mom. I can’t sew but I know the way to 3 different dry cleaners who can.


I don’t make our Halloween costumes but I have been collecting rewards points all year to get ours for way less than full price.


I exercise to stay healthy. Not because I love doing it. It’s kinda like laundry. I do it because it needs to be done or well – ya know – naked. I workout because I wanna hang around long enough to see all this mom stuff pay off.


I cook not because I get this overwhelming joy and  deep fulfillment. I don’t day dream about tomorrow’s recipe. Nope. I cook because I really like to eat and so do my kids – plus you know nutrition and all. So I cook what we like in as healthy a way I can. Do I plan it out? Maybe. Like I took out the chicken to cook for tonight this morning. I mean. That’s a plan right?


Basically I’m saying all this to say: I’m not that mom but I am the mom I need to be minus all the fancy. I love my Kiddies unconditionally. Their happiness is my goal always. Oh and my kids think I’m kinda awesome. I’m the mom they need.  So from now on I’ll leave the fancy to the mom’s who rock it best. I’ll stick to my PB&J chips and juice with a fruit snack treat on the side- I mean it’s only going in their tummies after all 🙂


So…are you that mom?

If so…I applaud you!!! Wanna be friends?

If not…you (and I) still rock and I’m sure our kids know it!!

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