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Okay so I have officially had my iPhone 6 for 2 whole days now! I am so excited it feels like Christmas in September! The day I received the email saying when my phone would arrive was like Christmas Eve but the entire day I was waiting for it (okay so maybe it was only like 6 hours) was like torture. When I finally heard that FedEx truck door slam I ran downstairs and out the door so fast I think I scared the FedEx Guy!


Let’s start from the start.

I have had my iPhone 4G for nearly 3 years. I love iPhone and a die hard Apple Customer. Still my 4G was a 16 GB and once I started Blogging let’s just say those all went pretty fast. I was at the point where I would have to delete 2-3 Apps just to get enough space to snap a few pics of an event or special day. Then I would have to upload the photos off and replace the Apps. Crazy right? Don’t even get me started on needing to do an actual Software Update. I would sit there watching all my favorite Apps and they shook and shimmied while I decided which ones needed to be sacrificed for the latest update.

My faithful iPhone 4G…see that crack that just missed the camera lens?

When I heard about the iPhone 6 release date I was beyond excited that it was a mere month after my upgrade eligibility. I was determined to wait it out and get it. Needles to say after maxing out my 4G, I was definitely going to get more than 16GB this time around maybe 64GB? Then my Hubby saw that they were offering the iPhone 6 with a 128GB storage capability he said to get it. Well what he actually said:

“Get the 128GB , get what you need before you need it.”
-The Hubby

This is my Hubby’s theory on just about everything and even though I wasn’t sure I would need that much on my phone (I mean my iPad is 128GB) I still decided to follow his advice. Better safe that sorry right? I knew that I wanted to use my phone for maintaining my Blog on the go, recording Vlogs and staying on top of my Social Media plus still be able to have fun with it through games and convenience apps.


I decided to pre-order because I hate lines, I hate crowds and I hate waiting. I placed my order on Friday the 19th and the order said my iPhone 6 wouldn’t ship for 7-14 days BUT I had a feeling that was to give themselves space in case of any stock issues. Sure enough I received my shipment confirmation on Saturday and that’s when all the waiting started.

Post by Mrsteelovelifelaughter.


Post by Mrsteelovelifelaughter.


It’s Here!

I chose the Gold iPhone 6 (4.7″ screen) and as you know with 128GB of storage. I didn’t select the Plus which is 5.7″ because I felt it would simply be too big. I am only 5’2″and that means tiny hands.

I'm still getting use to the extra size of the iPhone 6 but it's so worth it!
I’m still getting use to the extra size of the iPhone 6 but it’s so worth it!

So fast forward to having my little beauty in my hand and figuring out all the new features and benefits of ios8…

Livin' My Life Like It's Golden With my iPhone 6 | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com
My Homescreen…
Livin' My Life Like It's Golden With my iPhone 6 | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com
Screen 1
Livin' My Life Like It's Golden With my iPhone 6 | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com
Screen 2 – I can actually have games now!!! 😀
Livin' My Life Like It's Golden With my iPhone 6 | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com
See the Tips App up there?

Did You Know?

?  You can replace or add to your security with a thumbprint?

I have always had a passcode on my phone but now you can also add your thumbprint to use for unlocking, purchasing and approving things on your iPhone!

?  The iPhone 6 has a TIPS App?

This App will give you all the cool new ios8 features and well…tips

?  Siri can now tell you what song you’re listening to?

Just ask “What song is this?”

?  You can take Selfies easier than ever?

On my 4G I had an App that let me take selfies with a timer (no more awkward long arms)

Now with ios8 your camera has a built in Selfie Timer

?  You can set a reply notification for emails you are watching for replies from?

Just tap the flag icon within your email and select Notify Me

?  You can see what time you sent a message?

Drag your message bubble to the left and you reveal a time stamp

?  You can share Apps as a family?

Buy the app once and you can share it with the rest of your family who has a iPhone through iCloud

These are just a few of the things I have discovered so far and I know I will keep finding more as I explore it and make it truly my own. Still, I am so in love with my iPhone 6 and can’t wait to keep liven’ my life like it’s golden with all of these amazing updates and features!

Check out my amazingly cool case!! I'm In LOVE!
Check out my amazingly cool case!! I’m In LOVE!

Are you an iPhone user?

Do you think you will make the iPhone 6 upgrade?

What is your favorite Did You Know Tip?

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