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There are times when the things that come out of my Kiddies mouths go from hilarious to straight out baffling. I’ve shared their theories of Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, School Days and even how they feel about being siblings. Today I’m giving a bit of #KiddieLogic on all things Life Advice and Randomness…

KiddieLogic - June

Buddie {3 years old}


“You know you should be glad about something”

“That we don’t have a dog”
Why would I be glad about that?
“Because they leave poo and we would have to clean it up. Oh. Yeah by the way… I don’t think I want a dog anymore. “


In dressing room with 4yr old Buddie
“Momma you know you’ve got a big bootie, right?”
Blank stare
“It’s ok. Don’t worry…Daddy likes it. “


I’m not tired. I just go to sleep to make waking up come faster. 

Baby Girlie {6 years old}


“Momma what do we have to do tonight?”
“Uhhhh my WHOLE LIFE is cheerleading!! “


Part of a conversation with Buddie

“Oh yeah. Homework. You need to know about that. It’s hard. On my first day of school I didn’t know WHAT to do!! “


To TheTeenager

“You can’t get a job”

Why Not?

“How will I be able to boss you around?”


Big Girlie {7 years old}


“You know as the Big Sister you have to listen to me no matter what.”

Baby Girlie: What if Momma is here?

“Okay well No Matter What unless Momma is here…Got It?”


“Didn’t you know? Naps are for babies. I’m almost 9 that’s why I can stay awake until the day goes away. Yup. No naps for me”


Baby Girlie to TheTeenager
Does your face hurt?
Why because I have a bump?
Baby Girlie
Big Girlie
He’s okay. It’s not that hideous. 

What have your Kiddies said lately that left you wondering where they get their logic from?

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