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Lessons. They come in so many forms: examples, advice, experiences and sometime through silent support. There are times as a child though when we see nothing but the moment we are in and fail to realize that the lesson even exists. I had many of these times but thankfully I also had a family with a desire to be sure that I knew even when the lessons learned seemed painful they were still things I needed to learn and use.

What is the most important lesson you learned as a child, and who taught it to you?




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My life has always been one of rules, guidelines and lessons. Yet as many of us do, I rebelled and tried to find my own way outside of those rules. Through every experience in my life I have always had a strong foundation of family – women – who were there to teach me by example and word how to recover from my mistakes and move forward using what I’d learned.

I’ve spoke often of my Grandmother and the foundation she has given me but in addition to her powerful impact I also had a core of women, my Aunts who were there when I couldn’t or wouldn’t talk to her. They were there each in different ways, with different strengths and even different approaches to help me find my way whenever I strayed from that foundation.


My Aunt D was like my best friend. She was cool, fashionable and always there for a quick shopping trip. She gave me the confidence to be a strong women when it may not have always been popular. She inspired me to work for what I wanted and not be scared to be me even if that wasn’t like everyone else.


My Aunt H was my inspiration. She was smart, educated and always ready to let me know when I was out of order. She did it without any type of sugar coating but always in love. She gave me the knowledge I needed to begin a journey in writing and learning. She has always given me an example of what a woman can do with a bit of knowledge and a lot of hard work.


My Aunt P was the epitome of strength. She handled things on her own and without help from anyone but was always wiling to be there for others. Her strength was almost tangible and simply being around her helped teach me that no matter what life brings you can make it if you are determine to.


My Aunt M is a woman of faith like no other. She has always been grounded in the beliefs we were all taught but I remember watching her and thinking if only I could have faith like that. I have seen her pray through situations I thought were impossible. It is from her that I have learned that prayer changes ALL things!


My Aunt E was a woman of encouragement. No matter how you felt, how low you thought you’d gotten she was always able to lift you back up. Her hope in me often restored my own hope. Watching her be the Angel of our family taught me that bringing someone up is a far better task than trying to break them down.


Lastly my Aunt R is definitely my biggest example of our joy. She can find the laughter and fun in anything and being around her was always full of moments that became long lasting memories. She taught me that even when life seemed to have low times finding the happy in them was enough to bring you through.


These are the lessons I learned as a child from women I admire even now as an adult. The most important lessons that I strive daily to pass on to my own children and hopefully give them the tools they need to get through whatever life may bring.
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