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Have you ever had so much to say you can barely say anything? That’s how I’ve been with my writing lately. I’ve had so much happening that I needed to write but for whatever reason I just couldn’t get it – well – right. So today I locked myself in my bedroom and said “Self, Let’s Write.” Whether I get it right or wrong I need to get it out.


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For the past couple of weeks I have had moments nearly everyday where I kept thinking this is a post for sure. I need to write this down. This needs to be shared. I need a release. Still instead of writing it just thought about writing. Every time I tried to sit down and put fingers to keyboard something else ‘needed‘ to be done: breakfast, lunch dinner, cleaning… dance, karate, basketball, cheerleading oh and my most  dreaded chore – laundry! With all of life happening writing simply wasn’t.


So here I lay now with my notes app and my phone in the darkness of my bedroom. Writing. Finally. I’m not even touching on what has happened yet still I feel lighter. As I type each of these words into sentences I feel the room it’s making inside. The walls are moving back and I can almost breath again. I was nearly full and close to popping but now – now I can keep going. I’ve made space simply by getting the words outside of me.


For me that’s what writing truly is. A release – a way for me to empty out and make room to continue on. There are times when life is moving so fast that my feelings, emotions and words – oh the words – they get to be so many that I simply need to let them out! That’s when I have to write. I need to. Whether those first few sentences are right doesn’t matter what does matter is the write of it all.


Who knows? I may never write all the potential posts I had in my head for the past few weeks BUT I’m writing. They may not be the stories I’ve penned within but the words are still flowing and for me that is a breakthrough in itself. I am excited for this not because what I have to say is oh so important but because what I have to say needs to be said and by simply sitting down tonight (or laying…lol) i have broken through whatever was blocking me and now I look forward to


What is writing to you…

Therapy? Hobby? Passion or a bit of everything?

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