Listen To Your Mother | More Than A Show – It’s An Experience!

The year 2017 has been one I determined to live through passion. From day one I wanted to remove the limits I sometimes set on myself and pursue things that may not be completely in my comfort zone. The Listen To Your Mother Show was at the top of my list!

It’s Happening

The day I received the news that I made the cast of the 2017 Raleigh-Durham Listen To Your Mother Show was one I will never forget. I was going to become a part of the memories of something great. My story would forever be intertwined with those of so many women and mothers before me. This was going to be an experience I would never forget!

I Made The Cast of Listen To Your Mother Raleigh-Durham 2017!

As the week of the show approached, I remember trying to explain to those I was telling about it (I seriously told everyone you looked at me for longer than a few seconds) how it was a show based on the spoken words of mothers. The word show was something I always included in my description simply because well – that’s the name of it.



Yet, as we all sat down for our final rehearsal, I listened to the words of the women before and after me I had this sense that this moment was going to be far more than what the word ‘show‘ could cover. Most times when you hear show you think production, scripts, acting and performance. Something put on for the entertainment of others. That Is NOT what Listen To Your Mother is – at all.

More Than A Show

Yes there is production. Without the talent, dedication and passion of our producers Marty Long and KeAnne Hoeg things like where to sit, how to sit and how to not trip off the stage would probably not have gone as smoothly as they did. Yes there were scripts. Like okay we need to read this because my nerves may cause my brain and my mouth to disagree with each other once I see the audience out there.

Despite having the basic foundations of what a show is, Listen To Your Mother is unique. These women and mothers are not acting. They are reacting to the things in their lives which have made them who they are today. These women are in no way performing. They are giving you pieces of who they are and trusting you to not only treat them with kindness but to share them with those you know who may need them. These mothers are not there for entertainment. They are sharing their strength and courage to those out there listening – letting them know that I did it and so can you.


I’m finally home and still so full from tonight’s @ltymshow Raleigh-Durham experience. It was so much more than just a show. Tonight I listened, engaged and became a part of the stories of Mothers like me in so many ways. We came together and our words joined us ? “we are sisters in hearts and words” ? Thank you so much @martylong for your enthusiastic support and encouragement. I am so happy, honored and blessed to officially call myself #ltymshowalumni ? #ListenToYourMother #LTYMShow #LTYMrdu #SpokenWord #Poetry #Goals #LoveMyLife #Blessed #Blog #Blogger #BlogLife #RaleighDurham #Raleigh #NC #NCBlogger #NCBloggers #LifestyleBlogger #SouthernBlogger #TheMrsTee

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If Not A Show – What?

Last night as I sat and listened to the stories of my fellow Listen To Your Mother Raleigh-Durham cast mates all I kept thinking was “this is so much more than a show” yet for a while I couldn’t come up with what that more was. This morning I knew the answer: Listen To Your Mother is more than a show – it’s an experience.

You feel the emotions of each woman as she shares her story. Her fear, anxiety, sadness, amusement and even confusion. You witness her freedom being found as she releases a part of that into the atmosphere. You become a part of her future story and help bring closure and completion to who she is this far.

Listen To Your Mother has now become a part of who I am from this point forward. The stories and words of the women I shared this with will forever be a part of my story. I am not only honored but blessed to say we are officially Alumni of The Listen To Your Mother Show Raleigh-Durham 2017 joining the family created by LTYM Creator Ann Imig through her desire to ‘give motherhood a microphone’.


Minutes to Showtime but I had to get a selfie . . . ? #ListenToYourMother #LTYMShow #LTYMrdu #SpokenWord #Poetry #Goals #LoveMyLife #Blessed #Blog #Blogger #BlogLife #RaleighDurham #Raleigh #NC #NCBlogger #NCBloggers #LifestyleBlogger #SouthernBlogger #TheMrsTee

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Change Is Good

Although The Listen To Your Mother Show may be coming to an end as we know it the experience of it will continue in the lives and through the words of the alumni of shows past as well as the future words of those who choose to be a part of it’s transformation to come. How do I know this? Because . . .

Listen To Your Mother is So Much More Than A Show – It’s An Experience!

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