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I am so excited to connect with Jen from JENerally Informed (BTW – how awesome is that name?!!?) for this week’s #AskAwayFriday! We have decided to go with a Valentine’s Day theme because hey… I Love LOVE and this month is all about just that!


Jen is not only a wife, mom of 4 beautiful children, and amazing woman but somewhere in the midst of it all she has found the time to author a lovely children’s story: Rebekah Grace – The Practically Perfect Princess a fun little 3 year old who absolutely knows she is a Princess… and why wouldn’t she be?

Jen also writes at her personal Blog JENerally Informed where she shares her life, a bit of her husband (JENSGuy) and his Man-Day posts and a lot of the knowledge she has gained as a Public Relations professional. If you want to stay informed the best way to do it is to stay JENerally Informed!

No let’s get this#AskAwayFriday started!


What is #AskAwayFriday? Well…

#AskAwayFriday was created by the amazing Penny from Real Housewife of Caroline County and Amber from Bold Fit Mom, as a way to connect with other bloggers with a great Q & A session of 10 questions and 10 answers, between 2 Bloggers! This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know others while allowing others to get to know you and of course there is also the added bonus of making great friends along the way which is one of the best parts of this online world!

We wish Amber nothing but the best as she works to pursue her business and fitness ventures. We will miss having her as a CoHost but know that she has nothing but great success ahead.

When one door closes, another one opens…

We would like to give a huge #AAF welcome to a Brand New Co-Host…

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Welcome Echo from The Mad Mommy!


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We are so happy to welcome Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures into the #AskAwayLadies family for the next two weeks. I am sure most of us know her since she is one of the gurus of LinkUps and Blog Parties! She is the amazing Host behind such parties as Turn It Tuesday and if you are looking for a place to connect and share your best content Epic Mommy Adventures is the place to go.

Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures!
Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures!


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Now on to the Questions!!



1. Do you think Valentines Day is a legit holiday or a commercial one?
I think it is totally commercial BUT I still love it. What’s wrong with taking a day apart from all others to tell those you love how much you love them. We can all make Valentine’s Day what we want it to be: gifts, dates, cards, chocolate…simplistic, extravagant or simply saying those 3 words a bit more often than we normally do. It’s all up to you 🙂
2. Recently on your site I noticed you asked your readers the following question, “What are some of your favorite things about February? If not February, what month?” I would love to hear your answer on this as well 🙂


Haha…using my own words again me, huh? My favorite things about February are getting to show my love to those around me in special ways. It gives me a great excuse and all the resources to do it 😀 I also love February because my daughter celebrates her birthday during this month and for me it makes it even more special.

3. Is there a specific act of love that you have either seen, heard of or experienced first hand that has touched you in your life?

I think the most amazing act of love besides God’s love for me is the love between a mother and a child. I know there are times when a mother’s love can falter but when it is in it’s truest form I find nothing more awe inspiring.

4. Share one of your guilty pleasures that you love and couldn’t live without!

Mmmm….besides coffee? Chocolate! I have little stashes hidden all over and I sneak my favorite pieces when there are no Kiddies around to beg for any. #SorryNotSorry

5. What do you think is the most important aspect for nurturing love?

Good one! I think to be nurturing love must be unconditional. You can’t embrace, protect and encourage anyone if you are standing in judgement of them. I think when you can love someone whether you like or agree with what they do or who they are but simply because they need it you have reached a point of a truly nurturing love.

6. What don’t you love?

Laundry. I hate it with a passion. Not so much the washing but the folding. Eh!

7. What is the best Valentines Day gift you have ever received?

My very first Valentine’s Day with my Hubby (as my boyfriend) we had been together for maybe 3-4 months and he showed up at my job with a white teddy bear that was almost as tall as me, a dozen roses and my favorite candy! Definitely the best surprise Valentine’s EVER!

8. What is the worst Valentines Day gift someone could ever give you or has already given you in the past?

Hmm. I have never received a ‘worst’ gift and I’m not sure what could be. Maybe a regift or something that I could tell they put no thought into. I think if you’re gonna give a gift at least think about the person receiving it..


9. So totally non Valentine’s Day related, but you have some wonderful reflections on your site. Recently you posted “In Your Eyes” about not seeing someone as they really are. What is one thing you think people don’t see clearly about you? 

I think people tend to mistake my kindness for weakness. I’m not confrontational and I tend to choose the walk-away option 9 times outta 10. I am a very long-suffering person in that in takes an awful lot to make me write someone off. I will always try to look for the reason why they are doing something or acting a certain way. Still that doesn’t mean i will be a doormat either. Once I get to that place of mistrust it is VERY hard to fix things.


10.Ok, this is a think quick question. Answer what comes first to your mind. You have 5 minutes and a limitless budget in a grocery store to pick up your idea of the BEST Valentines Day meal ever. What do you buy or do you leave the store and pick up take out on your way home?
Danger this would mean I’d have to COOK on Valentine’s?? I would gran the fixins for a Chicken Parm and Spaghetti Dinner with a premade dessert of some kind 🙂


Wow Jen these were really fun! I am so excited for Valentine’s and can’t wait to spread a bit of love around. Don’t forget to head over to Jen’s and see what Valentine’s question I had for her…


What are your Valentine’s Day plans this year?



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