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Have you ever heard of Lucky Rings? No? Well hold on because I’m about to let you know why these rings have it when it comes to giving even the most active of couples the perfect way to show their love without risking the beauty of their Wedding rings! If you have heard of Lucky Rings then you know why I’m so excited to share but read on because you can grab a Discount Code to get 20% off your next set!

The Rings Have It |

I have had many a time when I’ve hesitated in wearing my wedding rings simply because I was nervous about them getting damaged, dirty or worse case scenario: lost!

Lucky Rings makes affordable, great looking, premium silicone wedding bands that fit any active lifestyle. Lucky silicone wedding bands are lightweight, waterproof, and extremely durable. Whether weight lifting, camping, or working we’ve got you covered. –Lucky Rings

Silicone Is The Key

That’s right Silicone. Lucky Rings are soft, comfortable, flexible and durable. I have been able to work out, move furniture, craft, wash dishes…everything I would take my wedding rings off for I’ve been able to put on my Lucky Rings to do!


The Rings Have It |

In Every Color & Style

Lucky Rings has a variety of colors to go with any outfit or style you like. I personally fell in love with the white/pink band. The sparkles of pink that would shine just right when the sun hit it grabbed my attention right away. I was able to wear it with nearly any outfit.

The Women’s Pack also included lavender, teal, solid black, black and gold and a hot pink ring.


I had so much fun switching up my Lucky Rings to go with whatever mood or look I had for a day.

For The Hubby

Now ladies we know we could never leave our Hubby’s out of the Lucky Ring fun. I opted for the Solid Black ring for my husband because he can be a bit picky when it comes to colors and such.

He was able to wear it to work without worrying about it being uncomfortable or interfering with his job duties. He also wore it in his day-to-day and his biggest thing was how he nearly forgot he had it on. My husband is one who rarely wears his original wedding ring simply because it always irritates or annoys him. He was able to wear his Luck Ring and totally forget it was even on!


Just For YOU

So you guys know I never introduce you to a product I love without sharing a way for you to fall in love with it to. You can pick your very own set of Lucky Rings with my Exclusive Discount Code THEMRSTEE20 Receive 20% OFF Your Order!

theringshaveit-themrstee20Oh and don’t forget to share the awesomeness that is Lucky Rings with your friends!

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