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I admit it. I’m pretty late to the LuLaRoe Party. I’ve seen and heard about the name many times through Facebook and friends but I just figured it was another fancy legging company trying to get me. That’s right – Get Me. I have tried leggings over and over – most times they’ve never made it outside my house. I’ve had itchy, ugly and a few see through experiences so honestly I’ve become rather jaded. I started to accepted there just was no legging out there for me. Until I met LuLaRoe. Our Love Story is one that almost never was…


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I’m rushing ahead. When you tell a love story you always start at the beginning, right? So here goes. I first met LuLaRoe through our mutual friends. Megan and Kelly.

LuLaRoe Our Love Story |


Megan has been a long-time Blogging buddy but she is also an amazing teacher and mom and her sister makes it double the friendship. So when they added me to a Facebook Group with LuLaRoe in the name I resisted the urge to well resist. I mean blind dates are never easy right? I had never met LulaRoe. I hear rumors mostly good but really… Who was this LuLaRoe? Would we be a good match? I wasn’t sure. I didn’t want to judge by my past experiences but let’s just say there would be a lot riding on my first impression.

I would stop by the Group here and there just  to ‘look‘. I noticed the amazing prints, awesome styles and what was this??? LuLaRoe had more to offer than just leggings!! I saw skirts, dresses, tops…okay I was intrigued. Intrigued but nervous. LuLaRoe was obviously a lot deeper than I thought. So many levels to get to know. What if we weren’t fright together? What if we couldn’t fit in with my lifestyle? My day-to-day? My personality? I still couldn’t seem to make that first step.

That’s when Megan stepped in and helped me make the jump beyond introductions. We need to meet! I could set the style and place so I did. Fun prints at my place. Thanks to Megan I had the chance to get to know LuLaRoe personally and let me tell you this first impression is definitely how our love story started.

LuLaRoe Meet LeggingsLeggings. It was the part of LuLaRoe I wanted to know most about so I figured we might as well get the hard part out of the way. I was expecting to be disappointed and let down like I had been so many times before. When my package arrived I knew it was love. These leggings were soft. Like soft. Like so soft that soft the word soft didn’t give them enough soft credit. I looked at them from the front and the back. Would they be all I needed? Had I finally found the legging that had it all and looked great while doing it?

As I slipped them on I kept whispering….please protect me, please be there when I need you and well – where I need you the most. 

Come on ladies. You know what I mean. You’ve had those leggings that promised to cover you everywhere you needed them but then let you down. The see through. The shine through. The we’re through. I’ve had way to many bad leggings but I didn’t want to miss out on a good one…



I did a spin around. No see through. No shine. They were there, there and there! These leggings were there for me everywhere! LuLaRoe won my heart in one fit! Yet that wasn’t all. LuLaRoe had so much more to show me…

LuLaRoe Our Love Story |

When I met Cassie well I first thought is this a person? Nope. Cassie is a skirt. Yup. A skirt. Did I almost forget to mention that LuLaRoe has these awesomely cute names for all of LuLaRoe has? Yes. That. More to love.

Now after I understood the naming of it all I thought: I’m a mom, a busy always moving mom and skirts just don’t fit into my days. Skirts are for special occasions. Nope. Cassie is that skirt that can take me from dropping the Kiddies off in the morning, appointments in the afternoon to activities in the evening. This skirt is not only stylish in some pretty awesome prints but it fits and feels amazing!


That’s it. My Love Story. LuLaRoe and I are together forever thanks to two amazing sisters and my willingness to take a leap beyond legging heartbreak and find so much more with LuLaRoe. Style, Personality and most important for me LuLaRoe is simply comfortable. I don’t feel exposed, at risk or unsure. I can wear each style: Cassie, Amelia, Nicole, Julia and even Randy (yeah…it’s a guys name but it’s a tee-shirt you’ll love to rock!) and know that I’m getting quality as well.

LuLaRoe Our Love Story |

Okay but you guys know me. I never like to brag about things without sharing the love. So, thanks to Megan and Kelly you guys have the chance to start your own love story with LuLaRoe. Enter To WIN your pick at one of LuLaRoe’s Cassie in a print of your choice PLUS Megan and Kelly with also send you a Surprise Pair of Leggings!!

These 2 pieces will be the start of something special – I promise! Don’t Delay – Enter Today…

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