A Mom’s Guide To Minecraft – Join In The Fun!

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Creepers, Endermen, Spiders, Zombies, Witches… characters I’ve come to know thanks to my Kiddies and their obsession fascination with Minecraft. Minecraft is a game that allows you to build, create and explore your own worlds. It’s perfect for kids because it encourages imagination, planning, strategy and team work. I’m sharing my Mom’s Guide To Minecraft. It’s the best way to get a glimpse into the world kids have come to love exploring!


A Mom's Guide To Minecraft | TheMrsTee.com


Minecraft Basics

Now this is by no means all you need to know about Minecraft. I’m no expert but I have learned that you can have a pretty great conversation with your kids when you know a bit about what it is that happens in the world of Minecraft. So I’m sharing the main points about these characters as described by my Kiddies!



These were the very first characters I learned about. Creepers are green with four legs and they explode! Be careful if you hear the sound of a spark because they are about to blow! If you see them going white then blue it’s time to move! In order to kill them you have to hit them, back up then hit them again. Don’t stand still! If you do well they blow up.


Endermen are black with purple eyes. They steal your blocks and move them around. Endermen also scream at you. They die in water so if you can lure them to a pool or any water – they die. Be careful though because Enderman can also teleport!


Spiders won’t hit you unless you hit them. They can climb up walls but other than that they are just annoying. You don’t have to kill them.


Zombies can wear armor. You can kill a Zombie by hitting them. Some Zombies can poison you if you hit them. Villagers can also turn into Zombies so be careful!


Witches can throw different potions at you. Poisonous potions are green while others are pink, yellow or orange and can do things like restore life, keep you from dying in lava and other awesome stuff. The grey potion can even make you turn invisible or run faster!

Play Time

Minecraft has given all three of my youngest Kiddies (9, 8 and 5) a fun way to play together and work as a team. Minecraft allows you to play together in the different Modes.

Survival Mode is where you actually hunt for your tools. You are going up against many of the characters I named above and working together to survive.

Creative Mode is where you can’t die. You can simply play, explore and create. You can also play together here and work as a team to build homes, worlds, towns and more!

Minecraft For Everyone

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Let The Play Begin!

Now that you’ve learned the basics of Minecraft with my Mom’s Guide To Minecraft head over to Best Buy where you can grab everything you need to get your Minecraft Family Fun started!




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