MrsTee In Disney {Day 4} – Is There A Princess In The Palace?

So our Thursday morning started early. Really early. Like 6 am early. I know, why? We are on vacation after all. Well another bonus to living the Resort Life is the fact that all of the Disney World Parks offer a special Magical Hours day where they open an entire hour early for resort guests. I knew I wanted to try and take advantage of this but saying it and doing it were two different things.

I woke up around 6am got myself all ready then did the same with the Kiddies. Hubby was in slow motion but never the less we still made it to the shuttle bus stop in time and were on our way to the Magical Hours at the Magic Kingdom by 7:30am – along with what seemed to be every single guest at our resort. That bus was crowded!

As we pulled up to the Magic Kingdom I realized that these Magical Hours weren’t just for our resort but EVERY resort. There were at least a thousand families pouring out of shuttles and ferries to line up at the gates to watch the Park open. So just like everyone else we pressed our way through the crowds and tried to get as close to the entrance as possible.

That’s when we heard it. The sound of the Conductor of the Walt Disney World Railroad announcing that Mickey would be arriving in minutes to open the Park and welcome us all in. My Kiddies almost lost it. Mickey was coming? I must admit I think I was as excited as they were! After a dance number by a few cast members we heard the train pulling in and saw Mickey and Minnie waving to us from up above. It was awesome! I was so glad that we did the whole early rise thing if only for my Kiddies to have this moment in time.

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After Mickey welcomed us and declared the park officially open we were on our way! On our agenda: get our Kiddies on a few of the most memorable rides in the park: including he Dumbo The Flying Elephant Ride and The Mad Tea Party I had reserved a Fastpass for both and we were set to be on them within an hour or so. We decided to head over to the Cheshire Cafe for a bit of breakfast since we got up to early to grab it at the resort and we knew Kiddies with no breakfast would be a disaster in the making.

As we headed to the Cafe we noticed that the Dumbo ride had nearly no one in line (benefits of Magical Hours) so we decided to jump on before we headed to breakfast. The Kiddies had a blast and we actually went on twice before continuing on to the Cafe. I decided to keep my FastPass reservation so that they would be able to ride again once the rush of regular guests came in when the normal hours started so we wouldn’t have to wait.

After a light meal of muffins, bananas and cereal we headed over to The Mad Tea Party which of course was right next to the Cheshire Cafe 🙂 Again we saw no lines and since we were ahead of schedule for our FastPass we simply jumped  on and had a spin! Then we stopped by Ariel’s Grotto and had a bit of inside fun (it was hot out there!) .

After a few more rides and simply exploring Cinderella’s Castle and all the amazing things that Disney is I decided to check my My Disney Experience App to see if I could get us reservations for lunch with the Princesses. This is something my Girlies had been talking about since we planned our vacation and I was determined to make it happen at least once. I logged in and to my surprise there was a reservation available that afternoon at 3pm! I told Hubby and even though we knew this was going to make for a really long day (we got there at 8am remember…) he said to grab it.

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Now, just to note when you book reservations for character dining Disney does require that you hold your reservation with a credit card. This is to avoid people booking several reservations at once and only showing up for one. Once you check-in for your reservation your card is removed from the bill and you can pay however you desire whether it be with that same card or with your meal plan.

MrsTee In Disney {Day 4} - Is There A Princess In The palace? |

I reserved our Character Dining at the Crystal Palace and couldn’t wait to tell my Girlies they were going to meet their favorite Princesses (stay tuned for the surprise ending to this plan)! I also made sure to invite our older sons through the App (they were out exploring over at Epcot) so that they could meet up with us and join in the family experience.

We all met up at the Cinderella’s Castle around 2:45pm and headed over to the Palace. I was using my App to double check the location on the map and as I did I realized the description of my reservations said Hundred Acre Woods Characters…ummm what about the Princesses? I did another check and realized that I booked a character dining but not for Princesses like I thought. Instead we were going to eat with Pooh & Friends. I ran over to the Hubby and explained what happened all the while wondering if my Kiddies would still be excited or totally disappointed.

How could I ever wonder? Disney is Disney and after I explained that Momma had messed up a bit and we were going to meet Pooh, Eyore Tigger and Piglet my Kiddies (especially my Buddie Boy) were still excited. Of course my 5 year old Girlie did ask “Is there a Princess in the Palace?” I had to tell her that this palace didn’t have a Princess but that Momma would do her best to find one that did before we left. Thankfully she was happy with that and on we went to eat, play and take photos with some of our favorite Hundred Acre Woods Friends!

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Have you ever had a ‘Mommy Oops’ moment

during a vacation or celebration?

How did you handle it?

How did your Kiddies react?

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