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2014 has simply been too wonderful not to take a moment (or a post) to acknowledge it. So here are some of the Tops of 2014 for MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter!


2013 was a year of learning, experimenting and trying to figure my way around the world of Blogging. Thanks to the help of some pretty amazing Bloggers, Communities and well Google 🙂 in 2014 I finally reached a point where I could actually share a bit of the How To I learned along the way and where I felt a bit more comfortable sharing a bit of who I am. Thankfully it seems like you guys enjoyed reading those as much as I enjoyed creating them…


Put A Pin In It - A Reader Friendly Pinterest Option |

Put A Pin In It: A Reader Friendly Pinterest Option

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Pinterest has so many different ways to help you gain exposure and readers for your site and your brand: Pinterest rich images, Pin Boards, Pinterest links, etc. Today I want to introduce you to something I just found. It’s a way to embed a Pin within your post to encourage your Readers to ‘Put A Pin In It‘.

“So cool, interesting, and helpful! I haven’t been as active on Pinterest as I have been in the past… and those embedded boards, well… awesome! Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop)! xoxo”

Jennifer The Deliberate Mom


Blogs Are So Last Year |


Blogs Are So last Year!

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Blogs Are So Last Year! ” This is what someone said to me in the midst of a conversation about a Perk I’d received from a Sponsor. She asked me how I had come across it and I replied, “through my Blog”. Never did I expect that to be her reply. I know a lot of people may have misconceptions of what a Blog is and even about the Bloggers behind them but I must say her response stunned me.

” We are current, we are valuable and we have influence across many different areas of people’s lives, goods and daily commerce. ” — I like that! right on and I hear ya , some don’t understand why we blog but like what I always tell myself..if I can help another person or just one is all worth it.”

Khit Mandeville – A Bountiful Love


Put The YOU In YouTube in 9 Steps


How To Put The YOU IN YouTube In 9 Steps

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When it comes to our websites I know every Blogger takes a lot of time to have their site be a direct reflection of who they are.  After all our sites are usually the first impressions someone gets of us as a writer and even as a brand.  Yet, did you know there is a way to extend your site even further? YouTube is an often forgotten and neglected tool but I want to show you how to put the YOU in YouTube in 9 steps.  That’s right you can personalize your presence in this fast growing area of Social Media in 9 steps.


“Thank you so, so much for this detailed informative post about You Tube. I have been wanting to learn more about how to use it, especially for our company. I am printing this off right now to refer back to step-by-step. You are great. Thanks.”

Marcie –


How To Support Your [Blogging] Community |

How To Support Your [Blogging] Community

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As a Blogger finding a community of like-minded Bloggers with similar goals, ambition and drive can be difficult to say the least. Yet when you do it is one of the biggest assets to anyone looking to find true success. Once you are a part of a Blogging Community learning how to support that community is key to it’s success as well as your own.

“Awesome post Tiffany! I love every single one of your tips and couldn’t agree with them more. One thing that always saddens me is when I go to read on a post on an already well-established blog (say 4-5 years old) and I see a heap of comments but no response from the blog author/owner. I realize life gets in the way, I realize they are probably busy, and don’t have the time to reply to 100+ comments, but no replies ever at all…I hope I never become like that. It honestly discourages me from commenting in the first place!”

Ana – Our Blended Marriage


How To Write A Bad Review |

How To Write A Bad Review

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As a Blogger we often seek out the opportunity to Review products we love still there are times when we try out products we would never choose on our own or may have never heard of. This is where the risk for not liking or even understanding how to use them can come into play. So how do you handle it? How do you write a honest and still brand appreciated bad review?

“This is a very helpful post! I have yet to write a negative review, but it’s scary to think that it will happen one day. I hate being mean and this post was a great encouragement for me! “

Chastity – My Rays of Sunshine


A Tour Through BlogLand With MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter |

Blogger Or Vlogger – The Same Rules Apply

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As Bloggers we all know there are certain ‘rules’ that apply to having a successful Blog. Yet sometimes when making that additional step to becoming a Vlogger we forget that the same rules apply. Creating a YouTube Channel and simply posting videos doesn’t create success anymore than creating content and posting it without any interaction or promotion will work for your Blog. Taking the same rules you applied to your success as a Blogger and applying them to your success as a Vlogger can not only increase your Channel’s views and shares but your subscribers as well which in turn increases your Channel’s impact with Brands. How? Let me share a few ways with you…

“What a great post, with tones of tips & advice from personal experience… Some things sound so obvious, but we don’t do them anyway!! I love this wake up call to the world of Vlogging – hadn’t even considered it until I read your post!…”

Steph – Misplaced Brit


10 Signs I'm Not The Mom I Thought I'd Be |

10 Signs I’m Not The Mom I Thought I’d Be…

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I was sitting on my couch the other day watching my son make an utter mess and then heard myself tell him if he didn’t clean it up his birthday may not be as awesome as he wants it. Who have I become? I used to listen to my Aunts encourage my cousins and even myself to be good with an upcoming Holiday or Birthday as the incentive and I promised myself I would never do that. Well here I am. Guess what – it works. I even thought up a few other signs that I’m Not the Mom I thought I would be… 10 to be exact.

“Haha. I love this! I think we all have these grand ideas of the things we would never do as a parent, but we really don’t know until we are one. :)”

Lynsey – Eternally Wanderlyn


How To Pick Your Own Sverve Tip Images

How To Pick Your Own Sverve Tip Images

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Okay so I felt this was a necessary post because I just spent the last 2 days trying to figure this out.  I Googled and searched and check every FAQ Page I could find and the answer to my question was eluding me. How To Pick Your Own Sverve Tip Images?  Yup, simple question right?  Apparently not so simple.

“Great tip, I’m definitely going to be using it. I haven’t really added any tips to Sverve because of this very issue! Pinning it…”

Silvie – My Silly Little Gang




It’s Not All In The Going…Finding My Freedom

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I am a child of the church. I was raised going to church every Sunday and my Sundays didn’t consist of only one service. Oh no. We went to early morning prayer at 9am, Sunday School at 9:30am, Morning Service at 11am – there would be a sort break between services for an early dinner and then we would return by 6pm for Evening Service. Add to this our weekly Bible Study and prayer services I was in church no less than 4 times a week, sometimes more. This was my childhood, this was my life. Yet, I had to take a journey that finally helped me realize it’s not all in the going,

“Wonderful post! It felt as if I was reading an excerpt from my own life. I too was raised in a home where church services were a big part of our week, and I never knew anything different until my husband came along and I started seeing life through different eyes, since he rarely ever attended church services while he was growing up. I fell into that “well, it won’t hurt me to not go to church this week” attitude in the beginning of our marriage, but it helped me realize just how much I missed that communion with other believers. Not long after, my husband made his public profession of faith and we have been active members of our church for the past twenty years. :)”

Stephanie – Candle Wicks and Carrot Sticks


Thanks to each and everyone of you for helping to make 2014 a huge success with nearly 42,000 VIEWS! I want to send out a a big Thank You to my most active commenters:

Echo – Domain of The Mad Mommy with 88 Comments!


Mrs.AOK – Mrs.AOK, A Work In Progress with 76 Comments!

A Tour Through BlogLand With MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter |

Stacey – This Momma’s Ramblings with 61 Comments!


Tenns – New Mama Diaries with 57 Comments!

A Tour Through BlogLand With MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter |


Thank You From

I am looking forward to what 2015 will bring for MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter and to sharing it with each of You!

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