NaBloPoMo {19} – Only 24?


Today’s Prompt:

How much of the day are you plugged in?

Do you consciously set aside offline time,

or does it happen whenever it happens?

This is such perfect timing for this prompt. I’ve recently been going through a phase of trying to balance my Blog time and my family time better.  Every time I try to sit down and set a schedule or even feel like I’m starting to have one I’m reminded there are Only 24 hours in a day.

When I started my Blog it was something I went into with a lot of research but also a lot of naivety.  I had no knowledge of HTML (aside from my days playing with it to make rainbows across a black screen with green font = yes I’m THAT old). So needless to say I spent countless hours trying to teach myself and figure out how to make my Site presentable and not look like it should have NEWBIE stamped across the Homepage.

Now that I’m at a point where I have gained a better understanding of the basics and have been blessed enough to surround myself with supportive friends I need to learn how to step back a bit.  Yet still I keep getting reminded that I there are only 24.  Whether I rise early or stay up late the day still ends when that 24 runs out.  Whether I’m done or not.  Whether I’m ready or not.

Here is where I have to try to find that perfect balance.  The one that takes advantage of every hour of that 24 and helps me to use it wisely.  I pride myself on my Social Media presence and my contact with my Readers and Fellow Bloggers so I don’t want that to suffer. I also value my roles as Wife, Momma and Blogger and never want either of those to suffer or feel neglected.

I have several plans in mind to help me do this including limiting my Blog time to hours of the day before my Momma duties start or after they are over.  Of course this would mean either really early in the mornings or really late at night trying to grab a hold of those hours we sometimes let escape us.  Still I feel it is worth it in order to be sure neither of them start to suffer or feel neglected.

How do you keep a balance?

Are you reminded that there are only 24 hours in a day?

Do you use them wisely?

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