I’m A Nerd Girl At Heart Thanks To Card.com!


When Card.com offered me the opportunity to try out their PrePaid Visa® Debit Card I couldn’t wait to pick my design!  Card.com offers so many different themes, genres and areas of interest to choose from.  I wanted something fun and well most important for me PINK!  So I went over to the David & Goliath section and I found what I wanted immediately:

Visa prepaid cards from CARD.com

Isn’t she I mean it adorable?!?!?  LOL I’m a true Nerd Girl at heart and thanks to Card.com I’ll be able to show her off every time I make a purchase.  Even better than that (Yup it still gets better!) Card.com has amazing benefits:

 ♥NO Credit Check  ♥Use everywhere Visa® or MasterCard® is accepted
 ♥NO check cashing fees  ♥NO overdraft fees or late fees

♥Access to ATMs worldwide 

I mean what gets any better than this?  I get a Prepaid Visa® Debit Card, a design that totally fits my personality AND I don’t need to go through the hassles of a credit check or overdraft and late fees!  They even have a smartphone App!  Trust me I love anything with an App!

Card.com Prepaid Visa® Card  can also be linked directly to my PayPal Account.  This will allow me to keep all my Blogger Income completely separate from my household money.  Add to that I can use it like any other credit or debit card and as far as I’m concerned you can sign me up! Oh wait…I already did!

Visa prepaid cards from CARD.com

When I received my Card.com card in the mail I was so excited I knew exactly what I wanted to be my first purchase!  With Halloween parties all lined up what better way to express my inner Nerd Girl than using my David & Goliath Design: Nerd at Heart Card.com Debit Card to help me show her off?  I headed straight to my local costume store and picked out the perfect PINK Nerd Girl costume and my purchase went just as smooth as it does with a normal bank card.


Are you ready to get Your Own Card.com Visa® PrePaid Debit Card?  Click HERE to start by picking out your design…trust me I promise you’ll find one that’s Just Right For You!

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