Never Have I Ever TAG – Mommy Edition! {VLOG}

So I’ve been searching around YouTube for something fun to do to give my followers a way to get to know me better.  I kept seeing something called Never Have I Ever but when I searched I could never find a Mommy Edition.  So, I made my own 😀

I’d like to tag a few people but this is also an Open Tag…if you’d like to do your own Never Have I Ever feel free just stop by my Channel or drop me a message and let me know so I can go check out what you have or haven’t ever done!

The Rules:

Hold up both hand all fingers up (wave hello)

Read each item off the Never Have I Ever list and for each one you’ve done that’s one finger down.

When you have made two fists (all fingers down) you’re done 😀

There are a few more than 10 questions in case there is something you’ve never done…lucky you!

The Questions:

  1. Ate my kids snacks
  2. Thrown out treats from strangers
  3. Used my diaper bag as a purse
  4. Done school drop off/or pick-up in my jammies
  5. Taken my Kids cold medicine
  6. Forgotten my Kids Homework was due
  7. Take my Kids out in their jammies
  8. Bought Kids toys just to keep them quite in public
  9. Had a pizza night more than 1 night a week
  10. Taken the wrong Kid to an activity
  11. Worn my Kids tee shirts
  12. Picked up my Kids late from school
  13. Worn my nursing bra after I stopped nursing

That’s it!  A quick bit of fun and an awesome way to get to know me 😀

It’s Vlog Time!


TAG You’re It…

Mrs AOK from Mrs. AOK, A Work In Progress

Tenns from New Mama Diaries

Maritza from Surprise You Are A Mom

The list doesn’t end here!  TAG YOU’RE IT!  Feel free to join in the Never Have I Ever fun and be sure to let me know so I can get to know you a bit better too 😀

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