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I am so excited to have the chance to exchange 10 questions with Shelly from DIYMama.  Let me tell you she came up with some really great and even challenging questions but I Loved Them!  That’s part of the fun of #AskAwayFriday after all ๐Ÿ˜€


Shelly is a DIY Pro I mean seriously, it’s in her name right?  She loves all things crafty, Disney and Hot Dogs!  I must admit, she had me at hot dogs!  With our shared love of the quickest meal on a bun I knew how swap would be a fun one.  Don’t forget to head over to DIYMama and check out some of Shelly’s amazing crafts, guides to all things Disney and of course her love for her family.

AskAwayFriday With Shelly DIYMama

On To The Questions!

Shelly DIYMama AsksAWayFriday

1. If I were to come visit you in NC,
where would you take me that’s not a chain? 
So sad but that is actually a difficult task because the majority of our restaurants are chains.  We are literally surrounded by them.  Don’t get me wrong they are great but when I tried to answer the question I realized we are really lacking any daily run places. I truly can not think of any that I have found that aren’t chains even if not large ones.  
Perhaps to make it up to you I would simply offer a home-cooked meal instead.  I know for a fact my kitchen is not a chain! ๐Ÿ™‚

2. I saw you were doing the Color Swap

(signed up b/c of you)! What was your favorite swap to give and receive?

Yay!  That’s great!  I love Swaps.  I think my first was with Mrs.AOK and her Holiday Polish Swap and then I was on a mission to find others. So far my favorite would shave to be the #SpringPolishSwap because I had the opportunity to CoHost it with my BloggerBFFs Mrs AOK from MrsAOK, A Work In Progress and Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County.

Swaps are a really great way to connect with Bloggers you may not meet during your normal interaction. You also get to know them a bit beyond a post, tweet or like. When I stumbled upon the CGSwaps site I was amazed at how organized they are. I know Angie and ad been a fan of her blog for sometime and the way she and Beth have come together to create such an amazing system for swapping is admirable. They make sure that every swap is run efficiently and professionally.

I can’t wait to see what goodies I am able to find for my Swap Partner for the Favorite Color Swap!  I’m sure it will be a blast!

3. You’re going to Disney soon…
what are you VERY most excited to do and eat?
Funny this is I haven’t been so  can only make my wish lists according to what I’ve looked up and heard from others.  I am definitely hoping to have dinner with Beauty and the Beast!  I know my Kiddies will love it and who wouldn’t want to Be Their Guests?  ๐Ÿ˜€
4. With all your kiddies at different ages (and I’m sure tastes)
how do you decide what meal everyone will like?
That’s just it. There are too many Kiddies to try and cater to everyone’s taste each night.  I always say, “I am not a short order cook” I don’t do special requests or exceptions to our meals.  We pick a meal and we ALL eat it.  I do rotate my menu according to their tastes like spaghetti for Big Girlie one night, Mac & Cheese for Baby Girlie another and Chicken Strips for Buddie Boy another.  Yet whatever is made everyone eats it.
4.b What’s your go-to meal if you’re not in the mood
to think of something new?
My go to would have to be spaghetti. They all actually love it and it is a quick and easy meal on a busy night.  The clean up can be a bit annoying with the sauce and all but it’s still a great meal when my mood wants to do anything but cook. 
5. What is the last movie you saw in the theater? Did you like it?
Hubby and I had our last Date Night a few weeks ago and we went to see Captain America The Winter Soldier.  We are both Comic Fans and we are always anxious to see the new movies and discover how closely they stick to the comics.
I enjoyed the movie a lot because I am a huge fan of the entire series that they are releasing.  I feel they were pretty true to the comic and origins but Hubby had a few complaints…LOL  He is a bit more of a stickler than I am.
6. I know you have a TON of (mostly) Mommy Blogger friends…
what is your favorite blog to follow that’s not in your niche?
Are they really?  I honestly don’t pick certain niches as friends over any others.  I gravitate toward those friends who are friendly to me and perhaps they seem to be majority Mommy Bloggers simply because we have a lot in common?  I don’t even really consider myself a Mommy Blogger. I’m one of those niche less types.  I write about my life and what is important to me.  Of course that includes my Kiddies and being a Mommy but it covers so much more than that at any given time that to enclose it within one category is nearly impossible. 
As for Blogs I follow, I follow those that interest me and as we all know being a Mommy doesn’t mean that is all we think about.  Now Shelly, asking me to pick a favorite…that’s just too difficult. I could never pick just one and leave another out.  I can give you some I love: fashion, beauty (I am trying to find my make up side…lol), DIY (I am Beginner Level but I still love it), Writers, Lifestyle and my New found passion Photographers.
7. I saw you detest laundry…but only have 6 loads/week…HOW?! Seriously? We have two people and one 6 month old
and do a full load every day. 
Haha!  Yes I just finished a folding frenzy the other day from nearly 6 loads that I kept putting off. I thought 6 loads a week was a lot since it adds up to almost a load a day.  I don’t usually do laundry on Sunday so that’s why it isn’t 7. I guess we have a lot of clothes?  LOL  I always buy my Kiddies and our whole family really tons of the essentials so we never really run out of anything.
8. What is one accomplishment (besides your kids and your blog)
that gives you immense satisfaction?
My marriage. When I got married everyone said I was not ready, my Hubby and I were too different and a bunch of other things that were truly irrelevant.  Why?  Not because I didn’t give any weight to their concerns but because it was only a decision that could be made with God and by my Hubby and I. Yes, we have had struggles, difficulties and disagreement BUT we made it to where we are because we worked through them.  We never avoided the conflicts and we always stayed true to the friendship we have and the love that is our foundation.  Nearly 10 years of marriage later I can’t say we are perfect but I can say we have accomplished something no one expected us too and I am truly satisfied with where we are as a couple, as a family and as a Team.
9. Find your favorite picture on your camera roll and tell the story behind it.
Evan at Easter
Well the fact that Easter just past means my most recent photos are all Easter shots…my favorite of the bunch would have to be these two (sorry I couldn’t choose) of The Teenager. When I was going back through my camera I saw them and actually saw the Young Man he has become. With college just around the corner actually allowing myself to see him as more than my baby has been difficult. I have been praying and hoping he is ready for this next phase in his life.  Looking at these photos I believe he is.


10. What are you looking forward to most about the nice weather?
Getting outside!  We have been imprisoned trapped limited to the inside of the house because of the frigid weather, rain, winds, etc.  I can’t wait to simply let the kiddies out and sit on the porch enjoying the fresh air.  My Kiddies love sidewalk chalk, bubbles and riding their bikes.  Thank goodness the weather is nearly read to cooperate so we can give the movies, video games and puzzles a bit of a break.
Wow!  Shelly definitely had some really great questions for me but be sure to head over to DIYMama and find out what questions i had for her!  I promise you will love her site and getting to know her a bit better through my inquiring mind ๐Ÿ™‚


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