Oops I Did It Again!

Oops I Did it Again! I mixed up yet another schedule for my Kiddies activities. Last year I sent my girlies to the wrong dance classes in my now blog famous Dance Class Swap Out and now before we can even start the new Dance Season I have somehow managed to have them miss the first 2 weeks of classes!

Oops I Did It Again! | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com

I don’t even know how. Ok so I know that our dance school usually sticks to the same schedules for classes (starts and endings) as the local school. So in my mind when we left the final recital I figured we would be back the same week school started in August. Oh how wrong I was.

So yesterday I was searching through my ever growing pile of flyers, forms and reminders for various activities to try and see what lovely outfits, shoes and such I needed to add to my shopping list for school and dance supplies. As I skimmed down the list: leotard, footless tights, foot paws (yeah – umm that may be a whole nother post – what in the what what?) I noticed – in bold type – see you all August 11th! What? August 11th…it’s the 22nd!?!?!?

So then came the embracing phone call where I tried to explain how I thought they started this week and not nearly 2 weeks ago. Are they still enrolled? How much did they miss? Aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh! I listened to the sweet owner’s voice as I know she was probably recalling my epic swap out from last year and decided to just end my misery then. Yes, we would be at class this week and yes I would find out what a foot paw was.

So my weekend is going to be spent not only scrambling for school supplies that were not on the list they mailed us (yes, yet another post in the making!) but also trying to define and locate this all elusive foot paw. Wish me luck!


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