Ordinary Moments

3.) A blog post inspired by the word: ordinary

Ordinary moments just won’t do

because I forgot all things ordinary when I met you

Starting our life together had it’s bumpy start
still creating our life together has been the best part


Our growth, our blessings they’ve both come with cost
but the prices we’ve paid could never be seen as a loss


Those sacrifices and let downs helped get us to where we are
making room for more and helping us go far 


When we look back on our past there are times we don’t know how we made it through
but with prayer love and faith we always knew what to do


Ordinary Moments | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com


So when I think of ordinary I know our future will go beyond my thoughts
to that place of extraordinary that we’ve always sought. 



This post was written as part of this week’s
Writer’s Workshop Writing Prompts
with MamaKat
Ordinary Moments | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com
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