Putting the ACCESSory in ACCESSorize With PrettyInPynk.com

Fashionista: A devoted follower of Fashion

Fashion: Popular trend in styles of dress, ornaments or manner of behavior

ACCESSing your inner Fashionista is not limited to you jewelry!  Oh No!  It includes any way you decide to follow fashion and express yourself and the popular trends through dress, ornaments or even behavior!

This gives all women and budding Fashionistas a broad range of ways to express and ACCESS those Inner Fashionistas and allow them to shine.

How many of you have a collection of phone cases and ornaments?  *Raises hand* I know I do!  My Hubby often asks me how many phone cases or little bits of extra I need for 1 phone?  Answer: there is no limit!

As I was browsing on PrettyInPynk.com a few weeks ago I came across something called a Sparkle Black Jeweled Dust Plug and I have not been the same since!

black multi jewel dust plug

A Dust Plug is a bejeweled little darling for your phone that actually  serves 2 purposes.  Not only are they beautiful and a great way to express your Inner Fashionista BUT they also protect your phone from…well…dust.


Yup, you know when you don’t have your earphones plugged in that little empty spot up there can be a catch-all for dust, dirt, crumbs and even rain drops as you walk, talk or text.  A Dust Plug let’s you protect it and give your phone a bit of Fashionista Personality!

Not only is this jewel lovely but once placed within the earphone jack of your phone It’s In There!  It hasn’t fallen out, gotten loose or any of the annoying issues you sometimes have with phone accessories.  I have even used it with a phone case and it still fits perfectly.

So take a minute and stop by PrettyInPynk.com and check out the ‘extras’ you can find to help you…


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