The Sparkle Support Award – Sharing A Bit of Sparkle 1 Blogger At A Time!

The start of my Blogging journey was one full of research and the need to know all I thought I could about what it took to be a Blogger.  Yet the one thing I didn’t prepare for or expect was the amazing amount of Support that was possible from Blogging Communities and Fellow Bloggers.

I was so amazed at the amount of support others were more than willing to offer I and it was then I realized being a successful Blogger is about more than Pageviews, Stats, Followers and Likes.  It’s All About Support! Learning that helped me to create a community of Bloggers I am proud to call friends.  Whether we are virtual or meet IRL (in real life) they are a group of Ladies I know care about my cares and support my dreams.

As I thought on this more I wanted to find a way to acknowledge the support they give both to me and to others.  Instead of finding one I am creating one.


The Sparkle Support Award

The Sparkle Support Award is an award that any Blogger can give to another Blogger to acknowledge them for being a true supporter of those around them.  It can be through Comments, Sharing, LinkUps or simply being an ear for one another’s vents and celebrations.

I chose the name well because I love any and all things that sparkle.  Plus the very definition is perfect for a Blogger who is willing to pass on as much support as they are given.


a : to throw out sparks 

Any Blogger who is willing to show support to another is throwing out sparks of kindness and care and showing that it isn’t just about them.  We all know to be successful we need each other.

 :  to give off or reflect bright moving points of light

When you reflect the success of others by supporting them you are definitely showing your inner sparkle

:  to perform brilliantly

’nuff said! ๐Ÿ˜€

Now, giving The Sparkle Support Award is not hard.  Receiving it is a blast as well.  I mean who doesn’t want a bit of extra Sparkle in their lives?

To help, I decided to make a few Guidelines.

Sparkle Support Award Guidelines: 

Embrace The Sparkle

?You are a recipient  not a nominee  

The award is yours because of the support you’ve given. Period.

?Thank and Acknowledge The Award Giver

Afterall, it’s all about supporting each other, right?

Pass on the Sparkle

?Choose 7 Award Recipients to Receive Your Sparkle Support Award

?Place The Sparkle Support Award Button on your site (sidebar or awards page)

?Include The Sparkle Support Award Image within your Award Post

I mean come on…it’s so pink and well Sparkly you have to share it ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s it!  Easy Peasy!  Simple as Pie! 

Without anymore delay…

My Sparkle Award Recipients:

Dean from Mrs AOK, A Work In Progress

Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County

Meghan from The Patchwork Paisley

Ophelia from Latina Mama Rama

Jhanis from The Vanilla Housewife

Brittnei from Homemaking With Style

Tenns from New Mama Diaries

These Ladies have all shown me amazing support, concern and friendship since my Blogging Journey began and I am so thankful to have a way to show them how much I truly appreciate them.

Now it’s your turn!  Go out there and…

Pass On The Sparkle with…

The Sparkle Support Award!








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