Summer Fun at the Library…Not Just Books

It’s summer folks! And that means Kiddies at home all day. Yes, all day! Which brings out the:
“I’m bored.”
“Aren’t we going to do anything fun today?”
“Do you have a surprise place for us to go?”
Which then leads to me doing a quick search for something…ANYthing free or under $10 because hey Momma’s on a budget and 3 Kiddies under 7 isn’t exactly a cheap field trip.

But guess what? No need to fear….the local library is here!!! That’s right the Kiddies don’t have to be able to read to enjoy the library ….they don’t even have to to be able to sit still!!! It’s not just books anymore! Seriously. I promise I’m not trying to get you kicked out.

Local libraries now-a-days (yes I’m 35 now so I’m just old enough to start using that term) have fun activities including (but not excluding) LEGO Build&Play Days, Sleepover Nights for your Kiddies stuffed animals (too cute), and even LIVE Performances.

Just last week my Kiddies and I enjoyed BigBangBoomBand and when I say enjoyed…I do mean I did a mean HokeyPokey if I may say so myself…

My Kiddies also went to the LEGO Build&Play Day and had a blast playing with character themed LEGOs like Woody and Buzz Lightyear…plus my older Kiddies had fun making scooters out of the smaller LEGOs…image

So, when you need to get the Kiddies outta the house and outta your hair check out your local library’s Events Calendar…I’m sure you’ll find there’s a lot more going on than just what’s on the shelves.

What budget friendly activities to you plan for your Kiddies in the summer? Are they more indoor or outdoor?

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