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Summer has and always will be one of my favorite times of the year. Being an August baby makes me a bit bias still there are so many things I do in summer that just can’t happen the rest of the year!
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School’s Out!

What do all kids love the most about summer? School’s Out! Nearly 3 months of no bedtime, getting up early, homework or schedules. As a parent, I’m usually just as excited as they are because when they get up early so do I. Needless to say, I’m with every kid in the world in voting summer as one of the best times of the year!



Make The Day Count!

Schedules, lunches, homework… I can say goodbye to them all because well – summer. It’s amazing how one season can bring so much freedom. Summer means more time with my Kiddies, less restrictions and not needing to ‘be’ anywhere unless we want to.
Universoul Circus Proven The #BestCircusEver |
Cartoons, play mini golf, make sidewalk chalk art…anything we can think of we do, anytime and any day. This summer we’ve gone to UniverSoul Circus, Seen Alton Brown LIVE, played mini-golf, seen every movie release and had a blast doing it all!

Rules? What Rules?

Bedtimes are pretty much nonexistent. During the summer, we come really close to becoming completely nocturnal. Days have no start time. We spend them outside exploring and looking for summertime adventures.

The best part of a summer day is letting it discover you. No set times or schedules. Simply living and loving every minute of each day. Nights are full of food, fun and family. We watch movies play games and veg out.

Keep It Cool

Summer means warm weather. Okay, sometimes hot weather but either way it means I don’t need to worry about layers or staying warm. Dressing is pretty easy – comfy and cool are my only requirements.
Livin' Summertime Easy | Matilda Jane Clothing |

Long Days

Long summer days are my most favorite thing of all I think. It can be nearly 9pm and the sun will still linger around the horizon almost as if it wants the day to lasts as long as I do. We get to sit out on the porch and simply listen to the world around us.

Memories Made

Memories. Memories are the amazing result of taking each moment of an experience an making sure they become memories we can cherish, share and look back on always. For me this is what happens the most in summer – we take each day and make every moment belong to us.
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