How To Survive Spring Break Without Having A BreakDOWN !

That’s it! I’ve made it through Spring Break without having a full on BREAKDOWN!

Yes.  I love my Kiddies and having them around me is absolutely wonderful but for some reason when they hear Spring Break they feel that Momma is supposed to have a list of activities, projects and entertainment designed just for them!

I am sure there are Moms who do this but I. Am. Not. Her. My life goes on the same as any other week regardless of Spring Break and most times my Kiddies end up uttering the dreaded “I’m Bored!” more times than I want.

How To Survive

So, for the Mommas like me who see Spring Break as a week when they don’t have to get up as early for school drop offs or plan their days around school pick-ups here is how to survive!

Push Bedtime Back

My Kiddies normal are in bed lights out by 9pm at the latest! During Spring Break I may push that back by around an hour or so.

They feel like they are getting something special with no extra effort on my part.

Change the Morning Routine

No School?  No Rush!  Let the Kiddies have a lazy morning.  Most times this is easy due to the later bedtime but if you are blessed with Kiddies like mine they may still rise with the sun regardless of when their little heads hit the pillows the night before.

If so, don’t make the school day quick prep quick eat breakfast.  Give them a Saturday morning breakfast during the week.  Go all out.  Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, etc.  My Kiddies always feel like this is making the day extra special.  Still there is very little extra effort or planning needed to make it happen. 

Let Them Lounge!

On normal days my Kiddies are dressed and ready for errands and the day by at least 9am. To give them a bit of a change for break I let the lounge a bit more.  If we have no where to be or go then Jammie it is!  They love it and feel like they are having an all day slumber party. Baths are not optional

Bring Out The Games

You know all those board games you have under your bed, in a drawer or in the playroom?  Bring them out!  Have a night or day of board or card games. My family loves a bit of competition and games are a grey way to have it in a fun way.  

Our family is actually full of gamers so we also add a bit of video game fun to our game time.  It is always great to share the fun and knowledge of the games with my Kiddies.  There are even times when they teach me a few moves! 🙂

Have a Fun Day!

Now I said that most times my daily routines aren’t suspended because of Spring Break BUT I do make sure I set aside at least 2 days for that week to have a fun day!  We may go to the library, the park or even our local fun center and just let them get out all their energy.

Yesterday, we had a family movie date…played games at the fun center and ended our day with a great dinner at the Kiddies’ favorite restaurant.

Prep Your Kiddies.

Let them know from the start this is not going to be a week of everyday activities BUT they can still have more fun than they usually do during school! 

In an ideal world I could plan and organize a splendid week full of activities and adventures yet in my reality that is not always possible.  So I do the little things to help my Kiddies have fun and keep my own sanity in tact in the process.

How do you avoid the boredom blues in your home?

Do you have a family trip during Spring Break or stay home?

What are your Go-To Family Day activities?

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