Finding Balance |

Finding My Balance

Balance. Finding a way to be or give what’s needed in more than one area at the same time. It isn’t always easy and for me I tend to make it even harder on myself. I’m a perfectionist, an over-thinker and well…a control freak. I don’t like letting go much […]

My 10 Favorite Instagram {mers} |

My 10 Favorite Instagram {mers}

Instagram. This little App has seriously become one of my favorites even giving Twitter a bit of a run for it’s place at the top of my list. I’m not what you would call one of the major Game App players. I have a few but mostly for my kiddies and […]

Am I Still His Mom?

 As mothers our priority when we have children is to train, guide and protect. So when my Teenager – my first born- starts to make those choices without me… when he begins to become the adult I’ve raised him to be…where does that leave me? Am I still his mom? […]

Am I Still His Mom? |

Currently. January 2016. |

Currently. January 2016.

Facebook asks: What’s On Your Mind? Twitter wonders: What’s Happening? There are days when finding answers to these questions are fun, challenging, annoying and so many other ing words. Yet I don’t often answer these here on TheMrstee – my own personal little space of the internet. So when I […]

who am I fooling? |

who am I fooling?

A little over a year ago I wrote about realizing that going to church didn’t validate my christianity. I convinced myself that not attending church wouldn’t have an impact on my salvation or who I was as a Christian. Now I am at a place where I find myself asking […]