Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s Here! My Birthday! I’m 39 today and I feel like I should be feeling all the feelings. You know the ones. Those big ones. The I’m officially 365 days away from being 40. Whoa! The who am I, where am I in life, what do I want from life kinda feelings. The adult feelings. Yet instead all I keep thinking is: Happy Birthday To Me! 

Happy Birthday To Me! |

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Look Ma, I’m Glowing!

This past weekend we celebrated my Buddie’s 4th Birthday with some arcades and a bit of Glow-In-The-Dark miniature golf. We have all played mini-golf before BUT this was his first time with the Glow-In-The-Dark variety and boy did it leave a glowing impression!   Look Ma, I’m Glowing!   What are […]

Because I’m Happy…

December 2nd you taunt me so. I have literally had a day full of technical difficulties BUT because I’m happy with all else in my life I am still going to type my little fingers off to get this post up with only moments to spare! Tuesday, December 2, 2014 […]

He Found Me! #828Blessings {12}

This week has been really hectic and a bit non-stop.  I have 2 Kiddies with Birthdays In November…the day before and then the day after Thanksgiving.  I am planning a 5th Birthday Party for one and a day of activities for my Teenager who will be turning 17. As I […]