You Went To BlogHer . . . Now What?!?!

  You Did It! You went to your first, second or third BlogHer Conference. You’re home and trying to wrap your head around all that happened. The new friendships, connections, networking, brands –  all of it. Yet How? You went to BlogHer . . . Now What ? ! ? […]

You Went To BlogHer . . . Now What?!?! |

The Essential Pre-Conference Blog Prep Checklist

You’ve bought your ticket, booked your flight and reserved your room. Your carry-on is set aside, your conference bag is ready and you’ve already laid out your best outfits to be packed. Yet there may be something you haven’t checked off your list your blog. Of all the checklists we have to prep ourselves for […]

The Essential Pre-Conference Blog Prep Checklist |

My Most Brave…

Sometimes being an adult means you have to do things that you may not want to and that may even scare you. In those moments the only way I get through is to be my most brave version of myself…     Bravery can be called upon in big situations […]

My Most Brave |

Connections | #BlogHer16 |

Connections | #BlogHer16

I arrived at #BlogHer16 Los Angeles with a mixture of excitement and anxiety for what was ahead. Three days of networking, learning and connections – This was my second BlogHer and it I thought I knew exactly what to expect. Yet this year the connections I found went far beyond my expectations Once […]

Who She Was… Who I Am… #NaBloPoMo

My Grandmother was at every school function, volunteered for every field trip and never missed an activity. I never really thought about the ‘how‘ when she did that and still provided for us. I guess I was a just a kid and expected it. Looking back I realize she was […]

Who She Was...Who I Am... |

#NaBloPoMo | 3 In 1 Introduction Plus Posts 1 & 2!

NaBloPoMo! A Blog Everyday Challenge from BlogHer that builds community, support and skill…follow me as I NaBloPoMo my way through November! I did it last year full of nerves that I wouldn’t make it but I did and this year I can’t wait to get started! Lately I’ve been wanting to […]