What I Love About Me…

Instagram has become one of my favorite guilty obsessions. I love scrolling through the amazing images, reading the thoughtful and inspiring captions and giving that double-tape heart love. I was in the midst of doing just that today when I found this little gem and it sparked me to wonder […]

Who I Wanna Be |

Who I Wanna Be

Disclosure: The following content has been sponsored by State Farm®.   Nerd. Dork. Cheesy. Quirky. Funny. Awkward. These were all ways I would describe myself growing up. The difference is back then I saw them as negatives. They were the things I saw wrong with myself and felt I needed […]

When I Lose Faith – #828Blessings

There are times when my faith in myself is strong and times I begin to gain arrogance, boastfulness and self-reliance.  I being to feel that I am the reason for where, who and what I am. I begin to loose my footing, my place.  The place that God has granted me […]

No Walking Here…

I recently had a conversation with my Hubby concerning how I felt people perceive me.  I have been told on 1 too many occasions recently that people feel as if they have to ‘protect’ me.  When I asked what they meant these were some of the replies: “Well you know […]

Marching Forward – Win Or Loose

Teenage Leader Having a Teenager who holds a leadership position for something like Marching Band can be full of joys and a lot of fun times.  Yet there can also be those times when the laughter fades and the emotions that come along with being responsible for others starts to […]

A Choice of Words…

  Did you know making the simple choice between two words could have the power to change someone’s entire day?  There is even a possibility you could impact them emotionally?  An extra moment of effort in your choice of words could change the impact a word can have on the […]

It’s Not GRAY, It’s SILVER!

Last week, I was given the rare treat of getting my hair washed and treated.  When the hairdresser (who is also a close friend) turned me around she had a big grin on her face.  Here’s where the conversation picks up: I’m like…”What’s wrong?!?” She says “You know you’ve got […]