5 Lessons My Vows Left Out |

5 Lessons My Vows Left Out

  Marriage. 2 people and 2 lives become 1. Sounds beautiful right? Well not really. Marriage is a trip and there are a few lessons my vows left out. I love my life, my Hubby, My Kiddies – all of it. Still marriage had a few lessons for me that […]

What's So Funny #NaBloPoMo |

What’s So Funny? #NaBloPoMo

What’s so funny? That’s a question I ask a lot and most times when I realize it’s me I’m a bit surprised. I don’t walk into a situation thinking ‘I’m gonna crack them up’ most times I’m just chatting and saying the random stuff that comes to mind. I find that […]

Oops I Did It Again!

Oops I Did it Again! I mixed up yet another schedule for my Kiddies activities. Last year I sent my girlies to the wrong dance classes in my now blog famous Dance Class Swap Out and now before we can even start the new Dance Season I have somehow managed to have […]

Oops I Did It Again! |

Put Some Vaseline On It…

“Put Some Vaseline On It!” I hear these words more often that you would think someone should.  I have officially crowned my Hubby the King of Vaseline.  It’s like his ‘cure all’  for whatever may be ailing one of the Kiddies at any given moment.  Bug bites, scrapes, bruises, rashes […]