What I Love About Me…

Instagram has become one of my favorite guilty obsessions. I love scrolling through the amazing images, reading the thoughtful and inspiring captions and giving that double-tape heart love. I was in the midst of doing just that today when I found this little gem and it sparked me to wonder […]

Marriage Isn't Easy |

Marriage Isn’t Easy

Marriage is the blending of two distinct personalities into one life. There are days it can feel like trying to mix oil and water. Days when you wonder how to keep your own identity and still function as one unit. A team. I grew up with the fairytale idea that […]

For The Love Of Food!

Today’s prompt is all about one of my most very favorite things! FOOD. Yes. I am a hungry girl for sure and I am totally okay with that! On my first date with the Hubby we went to grab some pizza. He ordered a small pie. I glanced at him […]

For The Love Of Food! |

TuesdayTen All About Mothers

{CoHost} #TuesdayTen : All About Mothers

Hello!  Welcome to this week’s #TuesdayTen where we’re talking all about Mothers! Why let Mother’s Day stop after only 1 day? So today we are all listing 10 things we love about our Moms! My Grandmother has always been that constant Mother figure in my life and it is her […]