5 Lessons My Vows Left Out |

5 Lessons My Vows Left Out

  Marriage. 2 people and 2 lives become 1. Sounds beautiful right? Well not really. Marriage is a trip and there are a few lessons my vows left out. I love my life, my Hubby, My Kiddies – all of it. Still marriage had a few lessons for me that […]

Marriage Isn’t Easy

Marriage is the blending of two distinct personalities into one life. There are days it can feel like trying to mix oil and water. Days when you wonder how to keep your own identity and still function as one unit. A team. I grew up with the fairytale idea that […]

Marriage Isn't Easy |

Yay For Dates - Day Or Night!

Yay For Dates – Day Or Night!

So today was the first Date Hubby and I have had in months. Since the Teenager started college it is so difficult to have any time that is just for us because we don’t readily leave our Kiddies with anyone and life is just a bit crazy at times. Yet […]

To The Root Of It All…

“Isn’t this a church day? Shouldn’t we be at church?” These are the words my 5 yr old was whispering to her 3yr old brother as I acted like I was still asleep (don’t judge…I know you do it too…lol). It’s so funny how a child can get to the […]

To The Root Of It All |

He Found Me! #828Blessings {12}

This week has been really hectic and a bit non-stop.  I have 2 Kiddies with Birthdays In November…the day before and then the day after Thanksgiving.  I am planning a 5th Birthday Party for one and a day of activities for my Teenager who will be turning 17. As I […]