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#WordlessWednesday – In A Blur

This month is going by in a blur for me. The Teenager is graduating from High School THIS WEEK and I can’t seem to keep up with the memories being created.   Do you have any important moments happening this summer? How to you make them memories and not just […]

Five On Friday: This Week By Five

I’ve been MIA from 5 On Friday for a few weeks but this week was not only hectic but a lot of fun and definitely 5 on Friday worthy!!   ONE My week started and ended off with some A-Ma-Zing Perks from my friends at Klout!  First I received my […]

First Day Moments For My Memories…

I woke up this morning with a start.  It’s the first day of school!  My Teenager is officially a SENIOR.  My oldest Girlie is heading to 1st Grade.  Today marks another set of first day moments  for my memories.  It’s so hard to believe that these two have come this […]