#MYFayetteville | One Day - Four Ways |

#MYFayetteville | One Day – Four Ways | #FAYTour15

The Walking Tour or even the Dogwood Festival would have been an amazing way to bring our #FAYTour15 to a close but the Fayetteville Area Conventions and Visitors Bureau (FACVB) had a few more surprises in store for us. Four to be exact. Four ways to make one day an amazing memory […]

#MYFayetteville | Dogwood Festival, Food, Arts & Entertainment | #FAYTour15

My day had been amazing! Full of fun fun, laughter and new experiences but it wasn’t going to end there. No, the Fayetteville Area Conventions and Visitors Bureau had a bit more in store for me and our #FAYTour15 that night. We were headed to the Fayetteville Dogwood Festival held annually […]

#MYFayetteville Dogwood Festival Food, Arts & Entertainment |

#MYFayetteville - One Place At A Time #FAYTour15 |

#MYFayetteville | An Experience At A Time | #FAYTour15

I’ve been talking about it for weeks. I was going to take a tour of a town I’ve lived in for nearly 8 years! Why? Well because the Fayetteville Area Convention and Visitor’s Bureau wanted me to.. LOL Okay, so that isn’t the only reason but it was of course […]

#OverCoffee | A Day of Women, Friendship & COFFEE!

Have you ever met someone and just had a feeling it was meant to be? I’m not talking romance but friendship – true friendship. The kind that you can tell has give and take, potential and possibilities. Those are all the things I knew were possible when I first met […]

#OverCoffee | A Day of Women, Friendship & COFFEE! |