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In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes In your eyes I’ve changed ever so slightly In your eyes my choices are never made rightly In your eyes my smile doesn’t shine nearly as brightly Yet your eyes, they see me in sight blurred by judgment Your vision is no clearer than looking through pavement So […]

Not Done | #828Blessings

Not Done   I’m Not Done being what I want to be   The things I strive for are still in view   I’m Not Done saying the things I need to say   My testimony is not yet complete   I’m Not Done loving the love He’s given me […]

Not Done Image

A Reflection

Here I Am… { A Reflection }

 Here I Am… {A Reflection} Here I am sitting and wondering why Here I am sitting and wondering how Here I am sitting and pondering when Here I am sitting and pondering what Why I have waited so long to go forth How I can get back to where I […]

How Could This Be The Impression You See?

Unapproachable and uppity were the words that were used To say they stung would not be close to an abuse How could this be the impression you see? I stay to myself, yes. Yet shyness and newness are what motivate me I’m actually rather awkward until we get close Yet […]

It Wasn’t My Burden To Carry

For years I felt like I was responsible Like somehow I was to blame Did I come at the wrong time, the wrong place, did I have the wrong name?   Then as I grew older I realized the problem wasn’t truly mine It wasn’t me who had the issues […]