9 Grateful Moments |

Grateful In 9

  Now is the perfect moment to stop and think a bit on what’s good. So here are 9 things I’m grateful for that make everything else less of a big deal. Yesterday I skipped NaBloPoMo to spend the day with my Kiddies. We went to see Trolls which may I say […]

The Only Father I Knew

The Only Father I Knew   We never had the memories of how I grew up   We never spent lazy weekends playing games or watching cartoons   We never had fun days at the movies or playing games   We never spent hours just talking about how life was   We never […]

In Thanks |

In Thanks

Thanksgiving 2015 came and went in 24 hours. Yet it started for me many hours, days and weeks before. This year has been one of amazing moments, memories and discoveries. I have accomplished things here in my corner of the Blog-O-Verse (yup just made that up) that I only dreamed […]

She Always Had That About Her…

She always had that about her…     This week has been so hectic and busy that I wanted to take a minute to simply write. Think reflect and write. So I hopped over to my BloggerBFF – Mrs.AOK, A Work In Progress and decided to see what the topic […]

She Always Had That About Her |

who am I fooling? |

who am I fooling?

A little over a year ago I wrote about realizing that going to church didn’t validate my christianity. I convinced myself that not attending church wouldn’t have an impact on my salvation or who I was as a Christian. Now I am at a place where I find myself asking […]

Dear 2015,

Dear 2015, I know we haven’t met yet but I am so excited for when we do. I want to share so much with you. In less than 12 hours we will finally begin our 12 month journey together!! I know we are going to do great things together!!   My […]

Dear 2015 |

In Your Eyes |

In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes In your eyes I’ve changed ever so slightly In your eyes my choices are never made rightly In your eyes my smile doesn’t shine nearly as brightly Yet your eyes, they see me in sight blurred by judgment Your vision is no clearer than looking through pavement So […]