Family Ties

In a perfect world family would be forever. No issue would go unresolved and no hurt could break that bond. Yet this isn’t a perfect world and we aren’t perfect people. We inflict wounds and at times those wounds don’t always heal. They leave the kind of scars that make family ties hard to keep. . .

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Your Feelings Are Showing

Have you ever been in a situation when you know your feelings are there but for whatever reason you decide they don’t need to be? ┬áSo you start the messy job of trying to hide them and keep them undercover to either keep the peace or simply avoid conflict. Yet […]

Your Feelings Are Showing |

Yay For Dates - Day Or Night!

Yay For Dates – Day Or Night!

So today was the first Date Hubby and I have had in months. Since the Teenager started college it is so difficult to have any time that is just for us because we don’t readily leave our Kiddies with anyone and life is just a bit crazy at times. Yet […]