#GreenLightAVet | Veterans Day Support Everyday

About a week ago I saw a commercial for a new Campaign sponsored by Walmart. It’s called #GreenLightAVet – the premise? To show everyday support of Veterans by simply switching 1 light outside our homes to green. The color Green means hope and well-being… Once a soldier returns home and takes off […]

#GreenLightAVet | Veterans Day Support Everyday |

Lessons Learned |

Lessons Learned. | #NaBloPoMo

Lessons. They come in so many forms: examples, advice, experiences and sometime through silent support. There are times as a child though when we see nothing but the moment we are in and fail to realize that the lesson even exists. I had many of these times but thankfully I […]

Support In Action #BloggyBootCamp Atlanta | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter

Support In Action #BloggyBootCamp Atlanta

The day I realized that I was really going to attend #BloggyBootCamp Atlanta was one I had been working towards since the start of my site in August of 2014. I had done a lot of research on blogging and the blogging community long before I actually launched my domain and […]

A Click-A-Day !

Did you know that there is an easy way to show support to your fellow Bloggers EVERYday? It only takes a Click-A-Day on a few buttons that are probably already familiar to you from some of your favorites sites but do you know what they are all about?  Let me […]

Marching Forward – Win Or Loose

Teenage Leader Having a Teenager who holds a leadership position for something like Marching Band can be full of joys and a lot of fun times.  Yet there can also be those times when the laughter fades and the emotions that come along with being responsible for others starts to […]

Guess Who’s Nominated for a Liebster Award?

That’s right Lil O’ Me… MrsTee has been nominated for a Liebster Award by my lovely friend Megan from ThePatchworkPaisley for a Liebster Award! This is such a Blessing!  I can’t believe it!  No really… I almost can’t believe it!  Wanna know why?  I was just saying to myself last […]