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It’s The Teen In Them…

So a few weeks ago we celebrated my niece’s graduation and that meant lot’s of family time out at the lake. Loved It! Of course from the looks of this picture TheTeenager and his Cousin (they’re more like brothers) thought they were there for a photo shoot…maybe it’s just the […]

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He’s Still My Baby

If you’re a parent you can understand when I say that no matter how big our Kiddies get they will always be our babies…this even applies to my Teenager (18) and it’s moments like this that I know he is Still My Baby…     If you have a Teenager, […]

It Isn’t Always Easy

It isn’t always easy┬ábeing a parent. Sometimes it isn’t something I want to do. Don’t get me wrong. Being a Mom and having my Kiddies in my life is the biggest blessing I could have ever received. Yet that parent part. You know, that part where you have to be […]

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I’m Home! #WordlessWednesday

It’s Thanksgiving week!! For me the biggest thing that means is that my Teenager is home. Yup, as a College Mom Holidays have a whole new meaning for me. Time with my ever growing Teenager. Yet sometimes what it means most to him is …     Do you have […]

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The Teenager Texts #WordlessWednesday

After The Teenager left for college I really had to get used to not being able to share things with him like our favorite TV shows, books and movies. Yet thank goodness for technology and the upcoming school breaks because we are so ready to catch up even if some […]

{ I } Miss Home.

So it’s been one month today that we dropped of The Teenager to begin his College Life. One month since I packed up his clothes, tried to make sure he had everything he could ever need and sent him out there on his own. It’s also been about 2 weeks […]

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The 'T' Word: Teenagers! #AskAwayFriday With Christy from Uplifting Families |

The ‘T’ Word: Teenagers … #AskAwayFriday

This week has been a bit hectic to say the least with back to school shopping and prep so I was a bit late on realizing that I had no Swap Buddy – thank goodness for the #AskAwayFriday Facebook Page and Christy from Uplifting Families for coming to my rescue. Christy […]