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#KiddieLogic | Life Advice and Randomness

#KiddieLogic | Life Advice and Randomness

There are times when the things that come out of my Kiddies mouths go from hilarious to straight out baffling. I’ve shared their theories of Good Guys vs. Bad Guys, School Days and even how they feel about being siblings. Today I’m giving a bit of #KiddieLogic on all things Life Advice and […]

Momma Skill No. 18864 – School Project Master

My oldest Girlie (8) has one of the best imaginations and most creative minds. That said, it sometimes seems as if she uses that amazing imagination to set me up whenever project time comes around for school. Not only does my Girlie come up with some of the most creative but at times […]

Momma Skill No. 18864 - School Project Master |