5 Reasons To Use Branded Hashtags |

5 Reasons To Use Branded Hashtags

  Hashtags. We see them, share them, recognize them, notice them and connect them with specific brands almost everyday. Yet what about us? Bloggers, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners just like you and I – can they work for us? Yes! Here are 5 reasons for you to use Branded Hashtags!   5 Reasons To Use […]

Introducing: The #MotherhoodChat On Twitter…!

I’m excited to share some wonderful news… #MotherhoodChat is back! What is #MotherhoodChat? Well, besides being Mother’s Day every Sunday… Motherhood Chat is a weekly Twitter chat for mothers about all things motherhood. #MotherhoodChat will help to provide mothers with a judgment-free space to talk, vent, work things out and share […]

Twitter 101 – Connect, Share & Promote

Twitter is a multi-purpose social media outlet that gives the opportunity to make direct contact on a day to day basis and on many levels.  Twitter allows Bloggers to make contact with Brands, potential Sponsors and Affiliates.  When adding Twitter to your collection of Social Media networks there are a few things that should always […]

Twitter 101 Connect, Share & Promote |

The October Daily: Disconnected

Today’s Challenge: Go without something (e.g. phone, twitter) for a day and tell us what it feels like.   Ok, I forgot to look ahead so I only saw what today’s challenge was at around 10:00 am.  So, I disconnected from Twitter from that time until the same time tonight… It. […]

It’s All About Support…

As a rather new Blogger, I’ve been on the look out for different blogging communities that are focused on supporting each other as women. In addition to joining SITSgirls, Bloggy Moms, and Double Duty Divas I most recently connected with SMGirlfriends. I saw them totally by accident through the Twitter […]

When Social Media Gets Too Social…

So last night I was at The Teenager’s Band meeting. insert moan here Yet it usually does make for some very amusing eavesdropping. Don’t deny it. I know you do it as well. I don’t do it on purpose. In those moments before the meeting starts when your just sitting […]