Highways, Bridges & Trucks…Teenage Driver Alert!

So the day started as a pretty normal day.  We had a bit of a road trip planned and as with most road trips of any significant distance Hubby was going to be doing the driving.  I’m not sure how many of you ladies out there are like me but whenever Hubby is in the car I honestly prefer for him to drive.  My Hubby was actually the one who taught me how to drive and let’s just say driving in front of him is like being in Driver’s Ed all over again.  It’s no fun.  So, if I can help it I find any and every reason for him to drive if it’s anything further than the local Wal*Mart (sorry not sorry).

Anyway.  We got up extra early calling ourselves trying to get an early start but ‘getting an early start’ with us this is still about a 2-3 hour process.  After getting everyone bathed, fed and out the door we hit the road.  The drive was an easy do for my Hubby since he actually enjoys it most of the time.  We got to our destination, did what we had to do stopped for some much needed leg and stretch breaks and food and then headed back.  Now I thought this entire day would be uneventful and we would be back home and relaxing so that I could get a bit of writing done and maybe watch a movie.  Little did I know I was going to have a bit of an adventure on the way home.

Now after our extra early rise and my failure to go to bed early the night before in prep I was exhausted and dozed of a bit on the ride back.  I woke up when I heard my Hubby pose the following question to my Teenager who was sitting in the back…“Think you wanna drive the part of the way home?”

“Huh whaaaa?”

Needless to say I was wide awake at this point. Now please note: my son has completed his Driver’s Ed classes and has his permit so he is legally allowed to drive but I have yet to allow this to happen with me in the car.

My theory is as follows:  If I cannot get you to listen to me when it come to picking up your room, washing dished, taking out the trash or mowing the lawn I certainly do not trust you to follow my instructions when it comes to driving a car.  For this reason, I have left the driving instructions totally in the hands of my Hubby who has assured me that he actually listens and drive pretty good.  Still, I haven’t been able to convince myself to be in the car during the process.  Yet, apparently today that choice has been made for me.

Next thing I know, Hubby and Teenager have swapped seats and I hear him instructing him on the various rules and such for merging back onto the highway.  Hold on…did he just say the HIGHWAY??? Yup…that’s what he said.  Ok.  This is where I started praying silently.  I didn’t want to freak out you know Out Loud but inside I was loosing it.  Mind you I knew he had already driven on the highway several times through Driver’s Ed yet again…I Was Not In The Car….

photo 3 (1)Ok we made it onto the highway with no issues which I knew we would…I trust my Hubby’s instructions and I honestly do trust my son’s skills because like is said he did pass the Driver’s Ed with high scores and reviews but my heart was nevertheless in my throat. I was sitting there trying so hard not to make direct eye contact with him through the rearview mirror because I didn’t want to discourage him.



photo 5 (3)Then we get to a small bridge..and people…people!…I don’t even like driving over bridges!  But he did great.  He made it across and didn’t even seem to break a sweat.  The whole time my Hubby is giving him pointers and different instructions.  Where to put his hands.  What to do if someone is on the side of the road. Honestly. I think I was hearing something more like the Charlie Brown Teacher Voice.



photo 4 (2)After we made it across the bridge he drove a bit further and we hit a bit of traffic where there were a bunch of large trucks.  I don’t know about you, but when I first started driving trucks could be very intimidating.  So I started panicking for him.  Yet once again, I was underestimating him because he did absolutely fine and drove by them as if he were driving for years.



photo (46)So, for all my panicking and worrying about riding with The Teenager  it was truly no big deal.  He has obviously been paying attention to Hubby and the instructor and I think he will be okay once he gets out there on his own.  Not to say I won’t still be the worrying Momma because hey, that’s just who I am, but I know he has the skills he needs.




Hubby eventually told him he did a pretty good job (as a former soldier he will never let you think you’ve reached perfection simply to leave room for growth…).  He then told him to pull over at the next rest stop and hop back over to the passenger side so Daddy could drive the rest of the way home.  So, on this day The Teenager had about 30 minutes of Highways, Bridges & Trucks experience….Oh My…..!




How will you handle it once your Kiddie is ready to drive?

Will you be able to teach them yourself or will you leave the teaching to an instructor or your spouse?


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