To Be Well…

When I was approached by the Military Spouse Wellness Summit to be an Ambassador for the very 1st FREE Online Event focused on providing resources for the wellness of Military Spouses I knew it was something I couldn’t refuse. As a Military Spouse I have often been in that place where I felt like I was simply stretched to my capacity and I had to stop and realize that the only way I could give my family the best of me was to be certain that I was at my best. For me that means I had to be well…

To Be Well PIN

The ING of Life

What does it mean to be well? For me it is to remember that my life is not something I am enduring but instead it is what I am living. LiveING – the action form of the word. This means that everyday and every moment is something I need to actively take part in.

When my husband deployed for the first time I was facing living alone for the very first time. I was raised by my Grandmother and went from being under her roof to sharing one with my husband. I had never experienced those lonely moments and I was scared.  I didn’t now what to do or how to prepare for it.I didn’t really know anyone else who was a military spouse and I had nothing to rely on but myself.

A Minute At A Time

So those first few months of that single-married life were nothing but me trying to make it through each set of 24 hours 1 minute at a time. I know there are many fellow military spouses who can relate. You know you’re married, you have paperwork that says it but those days and nights alone make you feel anything but. You wake up looking forward to the time you can sleep again and simply not think of it all.

Yet as I made my way through each day I realized that was all I was doing. I was merely making it without living. My children were suffering because I wasn’t at my best and I could offer them nothing but a shell of the mother they knew before. This was when I had to stop. To stop and take a look at what I needed to do to be the best me for them.

I needed to live.

Truly live and embrace each moment. No my husband wasn’t there but we were and we needed to make those moments into memories that we could share with him when he cam back home to us. That’s was it. It was in that moment of realizing that I still had permission and the right to live that I found my way to being well again.

From that time on we made every minute a full 60 seconds of life. We stayed active, made memories and lived life to the fullest. In doing that I not only made certain that I was able to be well through it all but that my family found that same wellness as a team.

If I could share one tip or way to find wellness as a Military Spouse it would be to live every moment to the fullest. Don’t allow your military life to take away the moments of your life. Love, Live and Laugh!



Are you a Military Spouse looking for a way to find your wellness factor? As an Ambassador for The Military Spouse Wellness Summit I want to invite you to be a part of something that is a perfect resource for health, fitness and financial experts to help you do just that! Simply REGISTER and you can be a part of this FREE Online Event beginning on October 19th through October 24th.

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