Welcome To The Your Channel Or Mine YouTube Hop!

Each week at The Your Channel or Mne YouTube Hop you get to view the featured videos from Nancy and I right here on our Blogs. Then it’s time for you to share YOUR Channel and up to 2 recent videos of your own! Are you ready? Let’s do this!

This week I started yet another Challenge! I know…I’m addicted! This challenge is taking place over on Periscope under the hashtag #SeptemberScopers and we are challenging ourselves and each other to Scope everyday in September!




I’m not addicted to these challenges alone…Oh No! Nancy has joined in the Scoping fun and will be joining us too. Feel free to follow us both as we make our where through September via Periscope: I’m @TheMrsTee and Nancy is @NancyGH

Wanna Join in? It’s not too late! Just pick up that phone, add the hashtag #SeptemberScopers into your Title and get recording!

This awesome fun was the brainchild of Lauren from over at Working Mom Magic and Julie from Girl On The Move to help support and connect with other Scopers as well as get used to this Brand New form of Social Media.

This week I’m sharing my Scope from yesterday where I gave everyone a Behind The Scenes look at a Blogging Day with me…


The Your Channel Or Mine YouTube Hop | TheMrsTee.com








Welcome To

The Your Channel Or Mine…

YouTube Hop!

Where do you want to meet this week? Your Channel or Mine? I have had so much fun meeting and getting to know so many new Vloggers, Vlogs and Channels! I can’t wait to meet a few more and get to see some of the great content you are all creating. Don’t forget the more we share the more we grow! So spread the word of the #YCOMHop and let’s help our community grow.



Your Hosts for the #YCOMHop:

The Your Channel Or Mine YouTube Hop | TheMrsTee.com

MrsTee – Channel: TheMrsTee / Blog: TheMrsTee

Nancy – Channel: NancyVlogs! / Blog: From Haus To Home

#YCOMHop Guidelines

1) Visit, View, Comment and Subscribe to your Hosts’ Channels


2) For the Channel LinkUp be sure to link Directly to your YouTube Channel URL (http://youtube.com/user/YOU)


3) For the Channel Hop you can Link Directly to 2 Recent Vlogs or Videos


4) Visit, View, Comment, Thumbs Up and Subscribe to your fellow Vloggers Channels and Links


5) Comment below with a short introduction to you and your Channel so we can get to know you better


Simple and easy, right? We want to connect, share and introduce a few new Channels and Vloggers and have a bit of Channel Hopping fun while doing it.
Psst! Don’t forget to spread the Channel Hopping fun!

~ Now Let’s Get This Hop Started ~

The Your Channel Or Mine YouTube Hop | TheMrsTee.com The Your Channel Or Mine YouTube Hop | TheMrsTee.com


The Your Channel Or Mine YouTube Hop | TheMrsTee.com


Each week we will be showcasing our Favorite Videos from the week…

Be sure to Sign Up and find out if You’re Featured!!


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