What’s In My Bag… Conference Edition

Preparing to attend a Blog Conference can be stressful and exciting for so many different reasons: Registration, Hotel, Flight but the most exciting part for me was getting together a list of the Blogger Essentials and items that I felt I needed to attend a Blog Conference and feel fully prepared. For me, that included those things that I knew I would need to make it through a day of networking, interacting and sharing…the things in my bag.

As I got ready to attend the SITSGirls Bloggy Boot Camp ATL I decided to share them with you here in the…

What's In My Bag...Conference Edition | MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter.com

These are the Blogger Essentials that I knew I had to have to feel prepared:

1 – My Tote: I had a large Coach Tote bag that was very deep and had a lot of room for all the things I knew I wanted to have with me.

2 – iPhone: What Blogger can be anywhere without their phone? Not this one. I don’t leave my house without my phone so I already knew this would get first priority in my bag.

3 – Water Bottle: I saw this on so many Blogger Bag Lists and agreed that I would definitely want a way to carry my own water and have access to it through the day.

4 – Glasses: I brought an extra set of glasses because even though I was wearing my contacts I wanted to have my glasses as a back up in case of any contact malfunctions.

5 – Sunglasses: What can I say? I don’t leave home without them…LOL

6 – Business Cards/Holder: If you plan on going anywhere that you want to network and leave a lasting impression your Business Cards are a MUST Have.

7 – Notebook/Journal: You always want to have a way to take down quick handwritten notes and ideas.

8 – Breath Mints: You never want to offend anyone and since network is usually a lot of chatting and up close interaction breath mints are definitely something you want to have handy.

9 – Chargers: You never want that low battery signal to be an early end to a great day. Bring your chargers.

10 – Portable Charger: As a backup to having your plug in charger and chords bringing a portable pre-charged device is always a great idea just in case outlets are not available.

11 – EOS Lip Balm: This was something I knew I would definitely need as I can’t function without my lips being right…LOL

12 – Wallet: Personal ID, Cash, Credit Cards etc.

13 – Laptop: I opted to bring my laptop instead of my iPad because I wanted to have full access to any sites or information the presenters would offer. You can totally bring an iPad instead or even in addition to. I think it is a true personal choice.

Now these are simply a few of the Blogger or Conference Essential items but don’t forget I chose this tote so that I could carry one bag throughout the conference and still have all that I needed. Watch my What’s In My Bag…Conference Edition Video below to see what else I had in my amazing Tote!

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