When Family Comes To Go…Life As a Team Apart



Being a part of a family with 6 Kiddies is not always easy but when those 6 Kiddies are not all yours by blood and you have times when you have to be separated that can be even harder.

During the Holiday season we had 5 of our 6 Kiddies together and it was awesome Still we felt that empty space for the one who was missing. Yet living life as a ‘blended’ family (a term I rarely use) we often have to deal with this. Our middle oldest (yes these are terms we also have when you have 6 Kiddies..lol) had school and didn’t get out in time to make the trip to join everyone down here. So this Christmas, the first in a long time, there were only 7 of us.

We had a blast and had tons of family fun and times but still he wasn’t there and we all felt it. We took a day to be sure and have FaceTime with him (thank goodness for technology) so he was able to speak with everyone,, catch up, talk about what we all got on Christmas morning, etc. Still answering my younger Kiddies question as to why he wasn’t there wasn’t the easiest of situations.

Another thing I always regret approaching is their questions when it is time for my other sons to leave and head back to their respective homes. We did all live together at one point, so they know what it’s like to be under one roof. Now that our Oldest is in College and the Middle Oldest is living outside our home they miss them terribly. We all do and that sibling time is something that can be hard to replace.

This is why Holidays are always such a big deal in our home. It is the one time every year where we make every effort possible to make uer we are ALL together. This year we had circumstances we couldn’t change, but when family comes simply to go again it can be hard.

This is why I am thankful that although we are what society deems as ‘blended’ we are also a Team. To us this means that no matter where we are, how far apart, how long the separations we are always there for each other and our support is based on love not only presence.


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