When My Babies Were Babies….

So lately I’ve been having the ‘do I want another baby’ thoughts. Then I babysat my 6 month old nephew and well those thoughts have gone bye-bye. But now they’ve been replaced with the ‘Oooh Aaah Remember When’ moments. All my fellow Mommas you know what I mean… when your Kiddie does something that reminds you of something they used to do as a baby or toddler and you get that urge to just grab ’em up and shrink ’em back down to baby size. Yup. Those. I’m there. In overdrive.

It’s all my nephew’s fault…no really I blame that baby completely! Ever since his lil’ chubby cheeks and giggle bootie was here and I had to dig out my Kiddie’s baby seat and toys…I’m doing a trek down memory lane with each of my Kiddies in tow. Yup I’m dragging them along me.

Today’s technology isn’t helping at all I keep pulling up all their baby pics saying…

“Awww that was you when…”
“This was you’re first time to…”
“Momma got you that outfit for…”

At first they were like “wow that was me I was so tiny.” Now. Now they’re like umm ok Momma. Lets just say when you 2, 4 and 6 year old are bored with you it’s time to find your way off memory lane and get back to reality. So I put the baby seat back in the garage, packed the baby toys away and now I’m enjoying my Kiddies for the adorable stages they’re at…even though they were absolute cutie-patooties as babies *wink*.

As for my Hubby, he’s on a love them up send them home page. No more babies on his agenda. He’s at the stage where we are finally getting all the Kiddies to ages we can travel a bit easier and we are so ready…so the Oooh Aaah Remember Whens are gonna have to become the Oh Wow Look At That as we start the next phase of our journey as a family…

Have you decided if your family is complete or still ready for more additions?

What influenced your decision?

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