When Social Media Gets Too Social…

So last night I was at The Teenager’s Band meeting. insert moan here Yet it usually does make for some very amusing eavesdropping. Don’t deny it. I know you do it as well. I don’t do it on purpose. In those moments before the meeting starts when your just sitting there playing Ruzzle or whatever on your phone trying to look oh so preoccupied you are in reality listening. Listening to the random conversations going on around you. Especially when your Hubby opted to stay home with the Kiddies and make you be the designated ‘meeting parent’.

So, here I am sitting there…iPhone in hand when I glance up and see an older woman walk over to what appears to be a younger man and say “So, hows your wife’s foot? Was it broken?” The look on this guy’s face was priceless. He looked an instant combination of shock and embarrassment. He kinda stuttered and answered “Um her foot? Well it’s Uh…broken…well uh no not really..see she uh? How do you know..?” She answers without missing a beat, “It was posted on Facebook” This guy then goes through a 3-5 minute rambling of how his wife tripped trying to run up a hill but the foot isn’t really broken and he doesn’t know why it was even important enough for someone to put on Facebook…blah blah blah.

Disclaimer: Now, let me explain why I mentioned the woman as being older. She appeared to be someone’s grandmother. Like seriously. So to hear her basically gossiping via Facebook was somewhat of a surprise to me. I’m still getting use to my grandmother texting me throughout the day. If she were to start posting to my Facebook page I think I would simply be no more good. I’m not an ageist it just takes some getting used to. I’m sure my Teenager probably thinks the same thing about me and I don’t blame him.

I’m sitting there laughing in my head thinking this is hilarious. Yet in all honesty this has happened to me before as well. I’ve posted stuff on Facebook, Twitter, etc and then totally forgotten about it until someone randomly approaches me and begins discussing it as if we were continuing a conversation meanwhile in my mind I’m thinking “what in the world…is this person stalking me?!?!? how do they know this stuff??? when did I tell them this?? Then when it finally becomes clear (usually way into the most awkwardly extended part of the conversation) that they read it in a status or tweet I exhale inside and think “ok silly they just read it on your profile….DUH!” Yet for those seemingly eternal moments of confusion I was seriously freaking out…

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Have you ever had a Social Media meets Reality moment? How did you handle it?

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