Who’s Whining Now…?

Have you ever had a day where your Kiddie is just stuck on whining mode for what seems to be absolutely no reason at all?

*waves hand in the air* Hi! Hello! That was me all day today with my 2 year old.



“I want youuuuuuuuuuuu!”

*Meanwhile he is standing directly underneath me…I mean if he got any closer we would be sharing an outfit*

Ok Buddie I’m right here. You see me right? I’m standing right here, ok? Where is Momma?

“Right here.”




“I waaaannnntttt youuuuuu”

This or several variations of this went on all day long.  I couldn’t move two inches.  I asked if he was sick, hungry, sleepy all of the standard Momma Check Lists of things that could be upsetting their Kiddies.  It was apparently none of the above and everything all at the same time.  So then I resorted to just sitting there holding him for a while thinking ok I know he needs a nap. or at least i need him to need a nap at this point.   Come on you other Moms know…when in doubt…Nap Time!  10 minutes later….I had a beautiful sleeping Buddie.

Then came the 10-15 minute wait where you have to make sure he is all-the-way-sleep so you can lay him down because God forbid you try to do that shift and slide to the couch/bed a minute too soon all your efforts are for naught.  So…ok…he’s good and sleep.  I shift….I slide…touch down! He’s on the couch.  Still asleep and not whining.

I ease my way off the couch and practically tip toe my way to the kitchen.  Whew! Ok. Maybe I can start to get something accomplished for at least an hour.  By that time the magical powers of the Sandman should have gotten ride of whatever clingy whine monster had taken over my sweet Buddie.

Until…my Girlies (4 and 6) decide they want snacks and come running down the stairs laughing and yelling (in total innocence).  It’s like a slow motion play out….I go running to the stairs in a weird sounding strained whisper yell:


“Nooooooooooooooooooo! You’re brother’s sleeping!”

Too late.



“I want you.”


Now which one of us do you think was whining?

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