Yell Less and Hear More: Update

I started the Orange Rhino Challenge on August 16th to Yell Less and  Hear More.  When I started it I was certain that I would have setbacks and days where I would slip up but I certainly did not think that would happen less than a week into the Challenge.  So, last night I was trying to rest because I felt a migraine coming on and the Kiddies were running around and for whatever reason they seemed to be extra active.  That or my nerves were extra raw.  Then the youngest started jumping up and down…like Hulk stomping on the floor.  I asked him to stop once.  Then told him to stop.  Then Hubby joined in!  Like seriously?  What was going on?

Then suddenly it was like someone blew a whistle and told Hubby and Kiddies it was time to play Chase Me all around the couch and throw in a bit of stomping while they were at it.  I laid there for at least 5 minutes trying to just ignore it.  In my head I kept repeating the mantra “Yell Less, Hear More…Yell Less, Hear More…Yell Less, Hear More”  Then I asked Hubby could they PLEASE stop.  His response: “Why we’re just playing?”  Huh Whaaa?  I felt like it was a conspiracy.  Then he took them upstairs I guess to try to appease me but that was even worse because it sounded like a herd of elephants running around.  I felt the heat in my face.  I was getting tired a frustrated.

I sat up and yelled (at the top of my lungs):


The Kiddies came downstairs and said we’re sorry Momma we were just playing with Daddy.  That’s when the guilt hit.  I know I could have handled it differently but I think we all could have.  Honestly I could have pushed past the migraine or taken some meds and joined in on the fun.  Yet at that moment, my impending migraine only added to the stress of the situation.  Yet, I still yelled.  Loudly.  So, if you take a look at my Countdown Clock I have set it back a day.  I wasn’t raging but I did snap.

I am determined to continue this challenge and a setback is just that a setback.




So…364 days to go…and guess what?  I can STILL Pick My Nose!  LOL

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